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  • Been a while since I Iast wrote one of these and a few things have happened so I thought I would conjure up a quick post for your eyeballs.

    Apollo CS:GO

    Well unless you've been living under a rock, you would of seen/heard we have picked up a CS:GO team. You can read more about it here!

    Staff Updates


    Over the last week or so there have been some pretty major changes to our staffing team. Unfortunately Minxiee & Random__Thought both had to step down from their manager positions due to lack of time. Minxiee with a little one on the way and Random juggling 2 jobs they are unable to dedicate much time to Apollo. They're still going to be around when they can and are still a part of the family. So I thank them both for their hard work and achievements they have made with Apollo and made what Apollo is today :)

    This means there have been promotions! some First off with Chris_Carr. Integral from the start Chris has always worked hard and

  • Final.jpgBehind closed doors this past week, Apollo have worked tirelessly and we're proud to announce that we have successfully obtained a CS:GO team!

    The team, consisting of Canevo_, MaRt1Ns, Jaldokin, Boothy and Spoon will compete competitively for Apollo at Online Major Events and other opportunities that head our way!

    We asked a few members from the CS Team to comment on the move;

    I am very happy that my teammates and myself have been given this opportunity. Now we can get down to grinding all the way to the top.

    Apollo have given us the opportunity to do something great, all we have to do now is to put in the hours and get the results

    I am very happy to be apart of the Apollo family and look forward to working with the staff team in the future!

    And a few words from our Management team at Apollo;

    I'm excited to see Apollo Gaming moving into the e-Sports scene with the new partnership we have with our CS:GO team. I am looking forward to working with

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