Mortal Kombat 11: Patch notes for 2nd major PC update >General Gameplay Adjustments > >● Fixed an exploit that allowed for more than one variation of a character to be set as default, which could then result in an online desync >when trying to select that character > >● Fixed a rare issue that occurred if the user lost internet connectivity while customizing their […]

Dubious about Valve Index FOV

Dubious about Valve Index FOV

Tell you why. ​ They have gone to length each time they mention the better FOV, to include the words “compared to a standard/typical Vive user”. I have a Vive Pro, and I have removed the facial interface and put an Oculus one from VR Cover and the lenses practically touch my eyelashes, I get […]

Why is Steam exclusivity good but Epic exclusivity is bad?

I’ve been on reddit for years and it would be an understatement to say that reddit hasn’t been a Steam circle jerk. People like me have been ridiculed for years for stating that monopolies and that Steam’s grasp on PC gaming could have negative long term effects on the industry. In addition, many people like […]

What’s the best way/site to track currently popular games?

I guess the title pretty much explains it, but I’m curious if anyone has a website or anything that gives relatively reliable numbers of current player bases? I jumped on the Apex bandwagon because it was really hot, and I’m still loving the game, but the demand on my computer is pretty high and I […]

“Dangerous Driving” on the EpicGames store?

"Dangerous Driving" on the EpicGames store?

I was wondering if anyone knows why this technical mess is on the store since EpicGames stated that they won’t allow the crappy mess like Steam has it. ([]( ​ Has Epic lied to us again? Are games like these the start of the “crappy games section” in the EpicGames store? View Reddit by KingTriHardDragon […]

Do you hide yourself or your games on Discord?

Im not super friendly or popular on Discord but it seems like alot of people try to hide the fact that they’re pc gamers on a pc gaming communication app and im wondering how many people do this and why or why not View Reddit by ogctoastyhorse – View Source

Capcom was too lazy to patch an always online bug in Megaman Legacy Collection 2. The game’s been out for nearly two years…

Capcom was too lazy to patch an always online bug in Megaman Legacy Collection 2. The game's been out for nearly two years...

Recently saw that Capcom is having a steam sale that includes a lot of their games. [Just a heads up to anyone interested in Megaman Legacy Collection 2: the game cannot be played offline due to an erroneous implementation of Steam API and requires a mod to enable offline play.]( If you already own the […]

What PC strategy game mechanics truly engage you?

I’ve had this thought for a while after reviewing Imperator: Rome. Mind you, I’ve been playing Paradox games for many years now and I consider myself fairly adept when it comes to mechanics. For Imperator, I understood the game and had no problems in my campaigns, it’s just that sometimes I feel that mechanics don’t […]

Your backlog?

I was just sitting thinking about what games I want to play and what to buy when I remembered there are tons of games I own that I just haven’t completed. So I was wondering what’s in your backlog? View Reddit by Splorpop – View Source

KurtzPel a free to play PVP game comes out tomorrow on steam

KurtzPel a free to play PVP game comes out tomorrow on steam

50$ for founders pack that includes all DLC that will be 100$ value after today, i grabbed mine today. ​ Game is focused on PVP and has light PVE. Anime cell shaded style graphics, Launches tomorrow at 9am pst ​ []( ​ wont be p2w : []( View Reddit by WhensLunch69 – View Source

How to play steam games from the couch?

Besides using a long cable to my computer with a ps4 controller lol. Any way to Bluetooth my ps4 controller to my computer so I can use steams big picture mode from farther away? Or how would I use my computers hardware to play on my couch? View Reddit by jar00d – View Source

What Are You Playing Thread – April 30, 2019

[Previous Threads]( *** Use this thread to discuss whatever you’ve been playing lately (old or new, AAA or indie). Don’t just list the names of games as your entire post, make sure to elaborate with your thoughts on the games. > Make sure to use spoiler tags if you’re posting anything about a game’s plot […]

Struggling to make friends on PC – Any tips?

Hey! First post on this sub, hope all goes well. (TL;DR at the end). Last summer I made the switch from Xbox to PC and left most of my online friends behind as a result. I currently only have one friend on PC and he’s my real life best friend but we don’t get to […]

Any interesting new games?

I’m waiting for Hytale to release, but until then I really don’t know what to play. Games I have enjoyed in the past are Subnautica, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Minecraft. View Reddit by saydezZ – View Source

Noticed a strange behavior in people defending microtransactions

Was engaged in a discussion in [this thread]( when I realized something contradictory, maybe some of you could help me understand it. I saw a lot of people saying that for them it doesn’t matter if the game has microtransactions or not, since they’re “irrelevant” to them, so why are they even defending those microtransactions […]


Anyone play the Battletech game that came out last year I was thinking about purchasing it. View Reddit by pal251 – View Source

Is there more to AC Odyssey than killing bandits?

I put about 10 hours into AC Odyssey so far and I’m very impressed with the world, gameplay, and character design but the quests feel a little flat so far. I just got to the first main part of land after getting my ship. Most of the quests I come across seem to be just […]

Launchers and freespace on disk

Now we have a huge number of launchers who have a built-in browser. Such cache is not cleared automatically and may take 300+ MB for just one launcher. I made a small powershell script to remove web cache for game launchers. Just clears cache folder. powershell -Command “Remove-Item ‘$env:LOCALAPPDATASteamhtmlcacheCache*’ -Recurse -Force” powershell -Command “Remove-Item ‘$env:LOCALAPPDATABattle.netCache*’ […]

Steam sales

Does anybody know when the next steam sale is and is it the steam summer sale or is it something else View Reddit by xXJosef_StalinXx – View Source

Ideas for Cold Iron Studios’ Unnamed Aliens MMO

Ideas for Cold Iron Studios' Unnamed Aliens MMO

The [Unnamed Cold Iron Studios Project]( is allegedly going to have some similarities with *Destiny* (which I don’t know what is like) though they can’t go wrong with the features I list below. I am looking to generate discussion on ideas for this game in the comments and may add any feasible examples to this […]

Disabled gamer needing help brainstorming a better setup

First off let me apologize if the title is confusing or misleading based on the post as I really don’t know what to title it, this was not my intention. So let me give you a little backstory I’m a disabled gamer (I have CP) I had been a console gamer my whole life up […]

Mixing Quake with Rocket League? ShockRods Beta 2.0 Steam Key Giveaway!

Mixing Quake with Rocket League? ShockRods Beta 2.0 Steam Key Giveaway!

Hi all, Stainless Games and GreenManGaming are proud to show off ShockRods, a game bringing vehicular combat and classic arena shooters together. [A trailer can be seen here]( We also have a [Discord server]( where from time to time we ask the community’s help when playtesting the game internally, and our [Steam Store page can […]

Cheaper MK 11 on Steam

I saw some people saying that you can use a VPN and chance your Steam Store location to a country that hás cheaper games, such as Turkey or Argentina. I actually saw two videos of some guys doing that. They change the Store region and buy a game on a lower price, then Go back […]