playing through Bioshock again and this happened

​ notable quotes : ‘darling just close your eyes and hope it’s over quickly.’ ‘look at the bright side maybe it will be quick and painless.’ ‘perhaps in a past life you did something terrible to somebody.’ ‘so.. you think you’re getting out of here?’ View Reddit by doodle_robot – View Source

What are you playing Wednesday!

What game’s got your attention this week? What’s great about it? What sucks? Tell us all about it! This thread is posted weekly on Wednesdays (adjustments made as needed). View Reddit by AutoModerator – View Source

At last I could afford a gaming PC!

Finally I have managed to save up enough for a gaming PC to join my 3 best friends! So far I’m loving the experience. Playing WoW classic, Magika 2 and Total war. Can anyone recommend any other good games that 4 of us can play? 🙂 View Reddit by Knoxy666 – View Source

Getting over it help (iOS)

I recently finished getting over it on iOS. The credits rolled, but the reward never showed up. I know what it is, and don’t really care that I missed out on it. I would like to know if this is normal, and if it counts towards the amount of wins. Also, when I turned my […]


Hi everyone, I just want to ask if anyone can tell me why my highlight suddenly stoped recording game audio. It just stoped randomly without any reason. I was trying to find some solutions but nothing worked so far. Thanks for any advice View Reddit by TheLuckerKo – View Source

Running out of things to play

I’m a try hard that appreciates funny things happening in games, other than that I’m focused on winning, as of recent I’m a try hard that’s burnt out of try harding. Multiplayer Games dont feel like they’re adding anything big, and dont feel like they’re moving forward. Perhaps it’s just me and the fact that […]

Other Bethesda games

How come it only seems like fallout 76 is the only Bethesda game to suffering from such awful decisions on behalf of Bethesda? How come we don’t see like doom or Wolfenstein being screwed over by the developers? View Reddit by dickmidnight – View Source

Xbox charge and play kit

So, I have a gaming laptop and am thinking to buy myself an xbox one controller. I wanted to know that if I also bought the charge and play kit, will it work on windows??? View Reddit by Fullmetal689 – View Source

How long does a Call of duty player base last nowadays?

I was thinking about getting the new COD but i haven’t played one since modern warfare 2. Does the game die when they release a new one next year? I don’t want to Drop $60 if the game tanks soon. Also i’m worried my pc wont run it well because i have a hard time […]

Tips for a more casual-not getting upset mindset?

I of course still want to try to win but I’m of course not the greatest in the worlds. So if I make a mistake or there’s that good ol’ lag. But I’m still trying to have fun, so if I get too worked up it kinda ruins the mood. Edit: and then there’s the […]

I need a new headset.

What are some good gaming headers that are compatible with Xbox, are over ear, and have a detachable mic I’m going on a budget here to so at most like $50 please. And if they can be online, that’ll be nice. View Reddit by Skrrattaa – View Source

Is Link related to himself? (LoZ)

So presumably all of the incarnations of Princess Zelda are related, because they are all part of the royal family of Hyrule… and all the incarnations of Gannondorf are related because while Gannon is eternal, the human form of Gannondorf is the soul male born to the race of the Gerudo every 100 years and […]

Starting The Witcher 3 for the first time!!!

I’ve attempted to play it a few years back but could never get into it. I had a dream that I was friends with the Geralt and I was trying to find him go ask if I should start the game 😂😂😂 lessssgooooo View Reddit by Iosuaaa – View Source

Call of duty unpopular opinion

From all the feedback I’ve seen over the past few weeks, I feel like I’m one of the few who are actually happy they’ve changed the map layouts in modern warfare. I’m absolutely loving ground war, and playing any of the smaller maps feels intresting and less about running down lanes. View Reddit by SPUDniiik […]

A program that turns your gaming into art!

I’ve created a computer program that turns your video games into art. It is completely free to download and runs in the background while you play whichever game you want. For example, the image I attached was a game of Overwatch Check out my profile and post to find out more! View Reddit by VivusArtem […]

How kinguin cheated me on fifa 19 ultimate edition

How kinguin cheated me on fifa 19 ultimate edition

Hello, I’m really sad today, because kinguin cheated me on my fifa 19 ultimate edition key. I have really good evidence because I contact origin support and they tell me code I get today from kinguin was used 10th June 2019… Its a lot worse because I didnt bought “KINGUIN BUYER PROTECTION” and they wont […]

Cod modernware runnable?

Hi reddit, So I have have a Lenovo y50 I bought a couple years ago, it has a nvidia gtx 860m. Will it be able to run cod ? View Reddit by ImpossibleLoop – View Source

Kind of new to this

I was wondering what sort of PC I’d need to be looking at if I wanted to be able to run most games at 144fps if anyone could help me out View Reddit by ThisPartIsWayTooHard – View Source

Reconstruction technique

Do you guys think Playstation will share their Ps4 pro temporal reconstruct technique with PC gamers someday, their “fake 4k” is awfully convincing if you don’t look too hard for the artifacts, I have a 1050ti and its starting to show its age,it would be nice to reconstruct 1080p to a higher Resolution like 1440p […]

Looking at 2080ti benchmarks, I’m a little underwhelmed.

I haven’t bought a new card yet so I’m not experiencing remorse or anything, I just expected a bit more from the best card out there. Performance is great now for 1920×1080. Most games will get above 144fps at max settings. Battlefield V and GTA V are a little bit lower but I’m sure one […]

Simple Questions Sunday!

For those questions that don’t feel worthy of a whole new post. This thread is posted weekly on Sundays (adjustments made as needed). View Reddit by AutoModerator – View Source