Apollo Gaming - A community for gamers made by gamers.

Apollo Logistics first started as a VTC back in december of 2015, after rebranding from Nordic LTD. It started off with Djinsomnia, Fatal, Chris Carr, Louie G & Chris V as the main managers.

From there the VTC grew and we found that a lot of people played all sorts of other games aswell as ETS2. That was when Apollo Gaming Community was formed. Since then we have grown in leaps and bounds.

In May 2016, we partnered with Get Gaming community, enabling us to keep the community going with free hosting from there we now hold a multitude of gaming servers ranging from Farming Simulator to Minecraft to Ark: Survival Evolved and many more.

Today we still consist of many members from our original player base plus many new people that we class as friends.

Apollo Logistics

Apollo Logistics was created back in December of 2015 after a rebrand of the community. Starting with only 20 Drivers, Apollo Logistics has grown over its first year into over 50 Active drivers.
The VTC is owned by Riddle and is also managed by Trucking Australia. Our fully trained Assessment team is worked by LoonyLime, Cederique and RedRose.
Apollo Logistics always takes into consideration the individual abilities of the applications to provide assistance in areas where the applicant may need to improve in. Also provided is a fully trained Convoy Control team for TruckersMP Events.

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