New to horror games

Recently, I’ve had the urge to play a horror game on my xbox one, but can’t find the right choice. Anyone have any recommendations that are worth checking out? View Reddit by MrPineapples900 – View Source

I don’t want to play…

Hey there. At the moment I’m lying in my bad and have some time before I usually sleep. My switch is lying next to me, with a full box of cards and some pretty cool games on the SD card. Like 50% or even more of the games I did not finish. To be honest, […]

Simple Questions Sunday!

For those questions that don’t feel worthy of a whole new post. This thread is posted weekly on Sundays (adjustments made as needed). View Reddit by AutoModerator – View Source

Free Talk Friday!

Use this post to discuss life, post memes, or just talk about whatever! This thread is posted weekly on Fridays (adjustments made as needed). View Reddit by AutoModerator – View Source

I think we should all take a moment to thank the community.

This community is one of the best there is.There are so many people who have been helped by this community me included so I want to thanks all the people who have helped get into PC gaming .Thank you Bullet Barry for opening my eyes to how amazing PC gaming is.I want to thank Xyphien […]

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate- compatible with Windows 7?

I have a voucher for a free 14 day Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. I was hoping to use it to blast through a few short games; is it even possible to run Game Pass on Windows 7, however? ​ Skimming through the list of games, I didn’t see a single one with Minimum Requirements of […]

How frequent do you see cheaters on PC?

So I am considering going from xbox one to a PC, mainly because of the more choice of games and better performance, however there is one clear disadvantage to this. Xbox doesn’t have any cheating (third party software cheating), and I have never encountered a cheater on it (obviously not including using in-game bugs/glitches), where […]

What are you playing Wednesday!

What game’s got your attention this week? What’s great about it? What sucks? Tell us all about it! This thread is posted weekly on Wednesdays (adjustments made as needed). View Reddit by AutoModerator – View Source

Why did people like undertale so much?

I mean the story is kinda interesting but that’s it. Almost everything else about the game is terrible. It’s like I’m slowly prying open a story and that’s it. Why did it sell 1m copies? Was it just people circlejerking and bandwagoning the game? View Reddit by newdayagain07 – View Source

Need some advice on shipping a PC cross country.

I’m doing some research for shipping my pc to my new place on the other side of the country, and I’m wondering what the best course of action is. From what I’ve read you should remove the gpu and ship separately to keep it safe, but what I’m wondering is what goes in the case […]