What are you playing Wednesday!

What game’s got your attention this week? What’s great about it? What sucks? Tell us all about it! This thread is posted weekly on Wednesdays (adjustments made as needed). View Reddit by AutoModerator – View Source

Benefits of PC gaming over console?

What do y’all see as the benefits of PC gaming over console? Do you think that cross console will take off or is Modern Warfare just the exception not the trend setter? I have many more friends on console than PC, but one of my close gaming buddies says he’s making the switch and that […]

What if we became history teachers?

I was browsing some Reddit today. Saw this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/e55sa4/one_of_the_greatest_moments_of_video_game_history/ and it got me thinking. If we became history teachers what is something we could tell the kids about history? Edit: What gaming history could we pass of as real? View Reddit by IntoleranceTOOL – View Source

What’s the oldest [strategy] game with a focus-on-objective feature?

I’ve been thinking about this, and feeling like I need to rake other people’s brains about this. What is the oldest strategy or other-genre game you can think of where you could click on a mission/quest objective in the mission list/menu/doohickey, and the game would centre your view on that objective on the map? I’m […]

Newegg Cyber Monday: Newegg becoming increasingly scammy โ€” listing MSRP’s and launch year prices as the ‘was’ price to make deals appear fantastic

Obviously this dishonest behavior is nothing new for retail, but Newegg used to refuse to engage in it. And it’s not just Newegg Marketplace sellers doing it; it’s Newegg itself as well. This comes on the heels of permitting shady sellers on Newegg Marketplace, dropping products that Newegg Marketplace sellers are already selling (forcing you […]

Alternative to Plays.tv

Alternative to Plays.tv

Hi Everyone! Some of you, I’m sure, have used [plays.tv](https://plays.tv) for the last few years and its sad to say that they are shutting their service down. I was wondering if anyone knows about an alternative to the service that is very similar. They had an editor that automatically recorded the entire game and for […]

Halo MCC/Reach release time list

Halo MCC/Reach release time list

Halo MCC/Reach release time list Reach falls in just over 24 hours! Note that pre-loading will not be supported. Everyone should get access beginning at 10AM PT. Also, nowโ€™s a good time to make sure youโ€™re following @HaloSupport – should be a helpful resource this week and beyond. ๐Ÿ‘ https://t.co/BRJf6tEYkU — Brian Jarrard (@ske7ch) December […]

Halo Reach on PC has controller aim assist and bullet bending.

PC players who choose to use a controller have a massive advantage so this is a warning to anyone that is unaware of this. Hopefully we will get lobbies in the future that don’t have aim assist, but as of now this is not planned. Anyone who has played on Xbox knows how strong the […]

Do the AMD Rewards Xbox Game Pass codes stack?

I purchased two items that both gave me a free three month subscription to Game Pass, I’ve never used it before. Will it work like a free trial and not stack, or is it like a regular subscription and I’ll get six months out of it? Thanks! View Reddit by suspiciouscetacean – View Source

Which Video game character would like to be friends with IRL?

Recently I was just playing GTA 4 and GTA V, then this thought came to mind, if it was real I would be the pesky weak civilian Niko runs over. Then I thought even though it’s fun to play as these characters, these people are dangerous criminals without any remorse or moral obligation if they […]

What are you nominating for this year’s steam awards?

Voting ends in just two days, and I’m curious what everybody is nominating! ###So far I’m nominating: VR GOTY: Beat Saber Labor of Love: Warframe Better with Friends: Jackbox 6 (only coop game from this year I’ve played) Visual Style: Katana Zero. The rest I’m still undecided on, which is part of why I’m posting […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 graphics options tips and tricks

Hey guys, thought I would post something that I think can help some people with their respective fps drops that they might be having. I noticed that my fps would randomly drop when I entered certain areas while out traveling. I finally realised a common factor: water. I had the water physics cranked all the […]

What is your $ per gaming hour sweet spot, please share.

So there are lots of ways to assess a video game, traditionally this has been done via a score, either a percentage or a grade over ten and sometimes the famous 5 stars system used in hotels. Although there no perfect ways of โ€œscoringโ€ a game, i always invariably check my total hours after finishing […]

Red Dead Redemption 2: Why so many button prompts?

Hold E to rest, press R to craft, press Enter to Brew, press Space to craft again, press F to go back, press this, press that. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think I was playing a flight simulator. Do we really need so many, different keys for the simplest of things? Am I […]

RDR2 is still broken, for me at least. The nightmare that is Rockstar Support: Over 9 hours of chat with 6 members of the support team, broke my machine following their instructions, and they refuse to connect me to a supervisor.

RDR2 is still broken, for me at least. The nightmare that is Rockstar Support: Over 9 hours of chat with 6 members of the support team, broke my machine following their instructions, and they refuse to connect me to a supervisor.

I read RDR2 was fixed, so I bought the game yesterday. What unfolded afterwards is enough to make Gandhi punch a hole through his monitor in blind rage. Definitely my most regrettable decision of the year. Right off the bat, the game stutters like nothing I’ve ever seen. And in the graphics settings, there are […]

Ultimate Game Pass First Month Code

Just got a 1 month xbox game pass ultimate code (PC pass included), anyone in need? Has to be first month using it, previous ultimate users can’t use the code. Will PM code to first one who asks for it in comments. Code now gone View Reddit by ARobertz – View Source

My Time at Portia Giveaway

Hey guys, I wanted to give someone a code for My Time at Portia. It’s from Humble Monthly, I just don’t think I’ll play it so I figured I’d give it away for someone else to enjoy. Just leave a comment and I’ll choose someone sometime tomorrow and PM the code, have a good night […]

Skate 3 for PC

Ok, I’ve been a fan of the skate series for awhile now, but I’m mainly a PC Scrub. I hate the fact that I have to use shitty emulators just to play my favorite skate game and I think that a PC release should be soon. I don’t need new graphic / new content I […]