VTC Rules (Updated January 2018)

  • Aloha Logistics VTC Rules

    • Breaking any rule within TMP is against our core values within the VTC and Community.
    • Swearing on the CB radio ingame will be an instant dismissal as it reflects badly on our reputation as a friendly community for all.
    • Reckless driving will be met with a punishment relevant to the level of recklessness in the evidence. A TMP ban may be issued by TMP Administrators if severe enough.
    • drivers whom have additional Roles within the VTC must be in their relevant channels within Discord for communication purposes.
    • Participation in events is mandatory unless prior permission is given by VTC Management.
    • If Aloha are attending an event as a group. You are REQUIRED to wear our paint Scheme. Please refrain from tomfoolery whilst attending events as you are being watched by community management.
    • You must show the VTC Tag within your name upon the TMP account system . For example [Aloha] Riddle
    • VTC duelling is not allowed.

    Failure to follow VTC rules will be followed up with a 3 month probation and continued failure will lead to a suspension. (Example: 1 month driving ban from VTC)
    blatant refusal will be met with instant kick from company with full ban from the company for a year and a notice to the VTA to warn other VTC's of your behaviour!

    VTC Management
    Riddle, LoonyLime, Droid

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