19 thoughts on “πŸ˜ͺ we did it boys”

  1. I don’t know, man. This new Call of Duty seems really desperate. Going back to the well and “soft-rebooting” CoD4? I don’t know, man, but that just reaks of desperation.

    “Please love me again! Look! I’m wearing that dress from 10 years ago that you love! Look at me! Please love me again!”

    I mean we’ll see, but I honestly would have preferred it if they just straight-up remade MW2.

  2. They need to look within their own damn company. Just use the model OverWatch uses for free DLC and you’ll have a winning ticket in the gaming community. I’d prefer if there was one COD game you ever had to buy and make the story paid DLC.

  3. Remember when Black Ops 4 was β€œno longer going to include pay-walls that separate our community”, so in turn they made the season pass everything or nothing and riddled the game with micro transactions?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  4. FYI: The monetization in Infinite Warfare was really fair, you unlocked every weapon through doing challenges (in BO3, new guns were locked behind lootboxes) unlocking varieties in Infinite Warfare wasn’t to difficult (and i’m someone who didn’t play IW alot). If you see a COD game made by Treyarch or Sledgehammer, you should be worried but not for one made by Infinite Warfare.

  5. Really, no season pass? I never really minded season passes in COD, but microtransactions + season pass, that’s taking it far, and I prefer season pass over microtransactions.


    But yeah, no pre-ordering from me, I’m never gonna own a game that has any sort of loot box system in it again so I’m staying on the safe side for now.

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