34 thoughts on “10 years old today.”

  1. Still play this game with bots or players with the IW4x PC version which is better. Many news guns and maps from cod4 + bops.

    Can play Ground War Dom again!

    Also new version coming soon with juggernaut gameplay and more features like dogs and other game modes and Battle Royale.

  2. I remember that one time I got the nuke by running around Afgan and knifing people with that crazy Halo Sword teleport loadout. Tac Knife to make knifing stupid fast, Marathon to run forever, Lightweight to make you move even faster while sprinting, and Commando to be able to melee people from like 10 feet away. Though sometimes replacing Commando with Ninja, depending on the map so people didn’t hear you running up on them around corners.

    This was back in the day when killstreaks counted towards the next streak. So you only had to get like 7 kills to get the Harrier / Helicopter, get 4 kills with that, get the Chopper Gunner / AC130, and use that to kill your way to a nuclear victory.

  3. Yeah.. Why not keep a solid game alive.. There are to many people playing “different” versions of the same game.. – Thats sad.. – Play together, stay together..!

  4. Wow so many memories on this game. From quick scoping, noob tubing, knifing, nukes. Anyone remember the care package glitch?

  5. this is the best multiplayer cod but lets not forget the one man army nube toobing and extremely overpowered shotguns/killstreaks

  6. Personally the last cod i’ve enjoyed so far. The futuristic ones were too … “futuristic”… the new modern warfare feels like washed up battlefield to me :v

  7. CoD I put the most time into, and my personal favorite, though WaW is a very close second manily because of the custom server zombie mod, where a few would turn infected and the rest would defend a choke point. That mod was amazing. MW2 campaign was decent IMO too

  8. Man where does the time go? I was just a baby then. Fumbling with my first FPS with a controller. 35 was such an awkward age…

  9. New CoD must be doing really great. Already got a remaster and now even a second title. I wonder if MW3 is coming soon.

  10. Ok, this makes me remember the first games I got to play that weren’t Spyro and another game that I’ve forgotten, my first games were CoD Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3. I still remember all the hype around Black Ops 3 when all I had was the first one.

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