30 thoughts on “100%. Praise the Sun.”

  1. I have every achievement on original dark souls for Xbox 360 took 3 weeks while I waited to start my job. Not the whole 3 weeks. I also capped dead space 3, and bioshock infinite.

  2. I dont think I’ll get the plat for this plat sadly, I can’t seem to get one ring that’s part of the “get all the rings/acc” trophy. It’s one you get from Watchdogs of Farron. I am not very good at PvP and I know I have to go and kill people who go into that swamp area for the swordgrass to get the ring. I dont know I could maybe do it but I dont know that I’d really push for it.

  3. Congrats! I just 100% DS1 a few days ago! Was looking into 100% DS3 next, but I heard that PvP is necessary for a few of the achievements. Is that true?

  4. Praise it? You might want to go out and look at it cause I know damn well you haven’t left the house in 45 days.

  5. nice! I remember doing this for the original Dark Souls and the sense of accomplishment you get is great. Wish I had the time to 100% more games.

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