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  1. Never had any desire to play Minecraft. Started Witcher 3 but Geralt’s voice annoyed the shit out of me, though I might go back and play it again. Completely indifferent about Titanfall 2.

  2. Don’t worry, as long as you think every major triple a title that came out before 2016 is a hidden gem no one talks about anymore this sub will still love you.

  3. Played Minecraft. I understand why people like it. But I think there are much better games out there to be playing.

  4. Got over it because the game kept crashing and now doesnt even open my world on the switch. Waiting for my damn refund.

  5. Mediocre. I see nothing special about it. From a technical standpoint it’s rather lacking. Dont get me wrong, there are plenty of outstanding games with low technicals. This ain’t one of them. For example games that had terrible graphics, but were good games had something else exceptional about it that made them good, like great story, or great voice acting, or great level design, or customization, or modding, etc, and usually more than just one aspect. I don’t see anything exceptional about this. Other than that there are many popular youtubers that cultivate its popularity. Same thing with fortnite.

  6. I’ve never played Minecraft. I believe I’m about to receive an Xbox one S, so I may give it a go once that arrives.

  7. I don’t care for it either. It just never appealed to me. I enjoy Terraria far more. Doesn’t stop me from recognizing the appeal of minecraft to others. My kids love it.

  8. Never played, but the whole concept makes me wary.

    Only my OCD has any interest in playing it…but last time I listened to it I ended up with lvl 125 half-way through FO4 and a grey beard.

  9. just because i dont like a video game thats popular to some people doesnt mean i deserve death. there are a lot of games that i dont like that are popular in todays market in all honesty i havent enjoyed a new video game in like 5 years. ive been playing neverwinter nights 1 & 2 icewind dale 1 & 2 off and on along with Rust and Conan Exiles for the last 2 years. i just cant grasp on to anything new for some reason. im excited for balders gate 3 thats about it.

  10. Our entire house has been a shrine to gaming for decades with 4 monitors, 5 tv’s, amazing pc’s and at least two of almost every console you can think of – and no one here plays minecraft or is even remotely interested in it. This meme is stupid.

  11. Not liking a game is perfectly acceptable! You just need to be able to claim why you dislike Minecraft.

    Ex. I dislike Fortnite because the playerbase is toxic and/or young, the mechanics are unique but boring to me, and I feel as if Save the World was the main selling point that Epic didn’t capitalize on. It could have been an amazing game, but it is generally uninspired and makes money off of the predatory Season Pass.

  12. I’m old and opinionated and angry about a lot of things, but I love Minecraft. No other modern game does such a great job of involving the player’s imagination. I actualy kind of hate all these new shaders and textures that make it look super realistic.

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