26 thoughts on “14 years of graphics improvements, all so we can properly digitize keanu.”

  1. Path of Neo…

    I remember loving that game when it came out. Cause, at the time, I loved doing all the fighting tricks and reliving the better parts of that franchise.

    But I loved it right until you get to the ending. [Where the Wackowski’s discuss how they decided to end this game.] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fgg7FdznyQg) It’s funny at first, but then you realize the guys are kinda shitting on the very premise of the entire franchise. Just rubbed me the wrong way.

  2. I just wanna say that that matrix video game was kind of awesome considering it was never very popular. The fight combination mechanics were way ahead of its time.

    Edit: Wow, most upvotes I’ve ever gotten. Glad to see others enjoyed the game as much as I did. Looking forward to kicking more ass as Keanu.

  3. Someday digital Keanu is bound to gain sentience and him and real Keanu will have to battle it out in the matrix in order to gain the others power.

    Wow I just made myself wet just thinking about it.

  4. This is funny because I recently bought Path of Neo at a flea market for 2$ (perfect condition btw only had 1 fingerprint in the disk) and I’ve been playing the shit out of it.

    That game needs a remake with like Arkham flow combat or something, like it’s good, but it could be better

  5. My mom is all in on Cyberpunk as soon as I showed her the trailer. She shouted his name when he dropped that line. Guess I’ll have to get her a one x for her birthday. I love you momma.

  6. If no one has played Matrix: Path of Neo, do yourself a favor and play it now. Amazing game, hilarious meta-commentary, and a weird as shit level involving Praying-Mantises.

  7. I loved it when some dude screamed out to him, “you’re breathtaking! ” And he yelled back no you are! I swear that’s a future meme. But I was genuinely excited when I saw him and so was the crowd. Really can’t wait for more on the game!

    Link to the Shows presentation

  8. His speech after the big reveal was a mix of “I don’t usually do stuff like this” and “ah fuck it, might as well ham it the hell up and be a big doofus” XD

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