30 thoughts on “1997 holiday ad from ToysRUs”

  1. Oh wow, nostalgia overload! had forgotten about that gold controller. Thank you for bringing back that pre-Xmas rush of joy and excitement, if only for a moment.

  2. N64 is still dope af with so many epic games . Also loved my gameboy colour I had the teal one . Great times , so much has changed in so many ways . *sighs old man style *

  3. $150 in 1997 dollars is about $225 in 2019 dollars.

    $50 in 1997 dollars is about $75 in 2019 dollars.

    All in all, not bad deals….

  4. Tomagathci was both great and heartbreaking. I loved my n64 though, played until it died. So I guess that sucks too. Great post OP… I’m sad now.

  5. Nostalgia. 10 year old me and 13 year old brother saved up allowance for almost 2 years to go in and buy an N64 and super Mario 64.

    I remember not getting to play it that night ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  6. I remember this exact ad, holy crap! Not to mention the limited quantity of gold Ocarina of Time with the lenticular front!

  7. Back in my day we had to compete at Mario Kart 64 in Nintendo Power for our gold controllers, not just get them with our consoles. Y’damn kids.

  8. I had a gold pocket… was amazing. The amount of AAA’s I went through though… If I remember it used to take 3 at a time.

  9. I can still remember my granddad, around 1990 or so, complaining to my dad about the new toy I had “that made a lot of noise”.

    It was the original Gameboy, and I was playing it at his house.

    Dad explained that it was my birthday gift, so they were cutting me some slack with it for the first day.

    Granddad asked how much it cost.

    My dad told him.

    “SEVENTEEN POUNDS!” exclaimed Granddad, sucking in his breath between his teeth. “Cor, boy,” he said, addressing my dad, “that’s far too much money for a toy!”

    No, granddad. Seven*ty* pounds.

    You can barely buy one game for that price nowadays.

  10. Gameboy color was $49? This must have slipped my mind or it was more expensive over here. I remember N64 being about $200 here in Sweden when it came out. Also even though console prices has definitely gone up. game prices haven’t lol which is pretty sick when you think about it. I know PS1 games where cheaper than today, but PS2 and N64 wasn’t.

  11. Originally the gold controller was a contest prize in Nintendo Power. If u beat Mario Kart 64 Mario circuit in under 1:30 and took a picture and sent it in, you could win. They accidently sent alot of people a “you won” letter but then another saying it was a mistake but they would still send a controller. So officially I wasnt picked in the top 500 for the magazine but did receive the controller. Classy move Nintendo. I was in 7th grade and the cooooooolest kid ever. Also had to take friends 007 games to beat levels to unlock cheats for them as they weren’t as good as I was….. Like I said, I was the cooooolest. Haha

    Then u could buy them, taking all my glory away from me. I peaked in 7th grade obviously.

  12. Looking at this, for some reason I was expecting one of the yellow info bursts to have the line saying Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  13. That’s about $240 in today’s money for a Nintendo console. Given the Switch is $300 and switch lite is $200 that’s about right.

  14. Someone should’ve called CPS on the owner of that tamagochi before it’s too late: 4 craps that haven’t been cleaned up. He’s going to get sick soon!

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