43 thoughts on “20 fictional dystopian currencies and what they buy.”

  1. Wtf? Did they confuse megaman legend with zero? few megamans used Zenny as a currency (I think only Legends and ZX).

    And you indeed could buy a part to make something resembling the Z-Saber in Legends 2 for 2m zenny.

  2. See the boltace blueprint is a waste of credits.

    Now the pedestal prime for 1M credits? Thats a quality investment!

  3. A little disappointed D&D wasn’t represented with Gold Pieces, GP, or hell…even Electrum Pieces for that matter. <shudders> I mean who hasn’t haggled paying 7gp for a bardiche?

  4. Ackshually, in Firefly a cow costs 30 a head. Unless you act like a dick and claim they look squalid then you try to pay 20, but eventually settle on 25.

  5. I wish there was a good MMORPG Warhammer game that simulated the tabletop experience. Only played as a kid a long time ago, still one of the best games I ever played but I have no ability to keep up with it as an adult.

  6. Man, those were the times in Waframe, Mirulor with memeing strike Telos Boltace, because “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

  7. Does Chrono Trigger count? It’s only a dystopia in two parts of the game, not the game as a whole. The sword can be bought for 17,000 gold in the Terra Cave as well.

    I guess Cowboy Bebop counts since Earth was ravaged, but humanity is flourishing across the stars, having widespread societies, businesses, and cities on multiple planets.

    I guess Bioshock 2 (why 2 and not 1?) counts as well since that specific underwater city is a dystopia now, but the rest of the planet (99% of humanity) is living just fine and ignorant of everything that even occurred underwater. Although one of the endings might change that…

    Yeeeah… I appreciate all the work and designs that went into this, but this feels like the original creator started with dystopia and was reaching to fill in more options, instead of just leaving it at “fictional currencies.”

  8. Every time I read the plot of “In time,” I get angry that the film is some teen romance crap and not a sci-fi masterpiece directed by Spielberg. It has one of the best premises ever IMO.

  9. This chart would be a lot more interesting if they used similar items or currency amounts instead of just a random item from cheap to expensive.

  10. Why’s the Dishonored one a painting that you sell for 300 coins and not something you actually buy like the whale bone runes that give you superpowers

  11. Some of these descriptions are a bit off/wrong. Also would be nice to know how those compare in value. Like is that Cow as expencive as that space ship.

    I get that these are just some examples of items and things given value in the games or series but still.

  12. I watched the Trigun series multiple times and read the manga. Where is this “mysterious past known as Gunsmoke?”

  13. The symbol for Woolong, ₩ is also the symbol for Korean won in our version of earth. Korea confirmed ultimate superpower in bebop timeline?

  14. Some of the show descriptions are awful.
    Firefly is set in another solar system and Earth has become an old legend.
    Fifteen Million Merits(Black Mirror) only the poor cycle for merits, they’re wage slaves generating electricity for the wealthy.
    Altered Carbon the device is not alien, and ‘sleeves’ are not synthetic, though some are cloned bodies.

  15. The problem with framing Adam as a “currency” in Bioshock is that it ignores the fact that real dollars are still used for most purchases. The Plasmid machines don’t sell you a plasmid for Adam, they convert the adam you have *into* the plasmid you want.

    Certainly the god like powers you can get from Plasmids make ADAM a valuable resource, but it’s not a currency. You can’t use it directly to obtain the necessities of life.

  16. The warframe description is… Just so wrong. Worst part is, that *was* the description, back when the game had no story, and you were just Warframes fighting Grineer in a Corpus Ship.

    I mean, it’s not technically wrong, just a bad way of putting it.

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