37 thoughts on “2019 VS 1999”

  1. Let’s build a franchise around building a collection! Great, now let’s remove half of those collectibles from the next generation of the game!

    …Why is everyone mad at us?

  2. Yup, there’s a reason why kid me loved the old games. And it’s not the nostalgia. Back when there were 151, it was about quality not quantity.

  3. Bro they literally just rotated it and rotated it back and had some power point sparkles shoot out of its ass. YTF does Pokémon stadium look better graphically still and animated than whatever this new crap is

  4. Oof. That’s not even as good of animations as Pokemon Rumble… and debatebly not even as good of animations as Pokemon Emerald.

  5. Was really excited for this gen, it was on switch so my hopes were so high. Graphics will be amazing, every Pokemon ever released, new mechanics. Nope. No national dex, sub par animations, OoT trees, it’s horrible. I will not be getting this game as a long time Pokemon fan, I just can’t.

  6. Now I’m not all up to date on how tech and stuff works in this situation, but the Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 games were on cartridges that were at most 64 MB, while the Switch is looking at cartridges that are 32 GB.

  7. What the fuck? That’s actually insanely lazy. Like even an indie studio would probably make an animation for the tail whip and just re-target it to fit any quadruped. But a AAA game studio just rotates the model? Holy shit.

  8. Yeah definitely not buying anymore pokemon games until they up the quality, it’s just been a steady decline. They really have no excuse with the chop to the number and the upgraded hardware with the switch. It’s just a lazy money grab at this point.

  9. You’d think they would have had ample time in creating proper rigs and animations for all the Pokemon. If fucking Monster Hunter could do it, I really don’t see why Pokemon can’t. Even if you use the same skeleton, I’d rather have a few identical very good rigs than horseshit.

  10. I’m sorry did we go backwards after Pokemon stadium. That animation is way better than what sword and shield is offering

  11. I understand that they can’t animate every move for every pokemon, but what they should have done is group the pokemon together by number of legs or how they stand, or something, and then have them share the same animations.

  12. Just play PokeMMO, or PokemonShowdown, or Pixelmon, or any of the many fan games that do pokemon better than the modern pokemon games. So many romhacks with usability improvements that don’t take away the charm.

  13. Game freak is doing fucking nothing for us, their fans. Lets boycott them. Only buy sword and shield if you are 100% going to enjoy it, and if possible, buy it used. If you want to get the other version, try to trade versions with a friend or buy it used too. Gamefreak will have to notice.

  14. I was hoping to get back into pokemon now that I have a switch, but Sword & Shield isn’t worth my money. I don’t give af about the pokedex as I have no real attachment to this franchise, but I do care about quality, and this has none.

    Literally would have been preferable to not release any game at all. At least nothing is less disappointing than this.

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