My pc is almost finished from digital storm and I have a 32 GB vengeance in there already but will that be enough future proofing or should I jump into the 64?

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7 thoughts on “32 GB Future proofing or 64 GB”

  1. Even 32gb is probably overkill, by the time you need 64gb chances are the rest of the computer will be old and need to be replaced anyway.

  2. Anything over 16 is considered overkill, most I’ve seen a game use is 10. By the time games use app 16 the redt of your parts would be long outdated

  3. 12gb is a real good number I feel.

    While its more than 8gb, which helps in the future, it’s less than 16 so you’re not overkilling or over paying.

    Plus it leaves room to just go to 16 later on when it’s actually needed.

  4. For gaming, the majority of memory you need is on the gpu to swap and process all the textures/shaders/sometimes physics. So if your are looking for high frames rates and resolution, first is gpu.

    There is your ram your system uses that’s used for other parts of the game.

    If your are video editing you’ll need a lot of system RAM(non-gpu ram) to store cached processed data of your video frames.

    So in a video editing scenario, your gpu might quickly process frames and effects, but that data will be store on your system ram and/or drive cache.

    gaming you’ll be okay with system at 32gb system and if your gpu is 8gb or above.

    if you are video editing i’d go to 64gg on system.

  5. 32GB is plenty for now, I’d just roll with it and then upgrade if/when it ever becomes necessary, the modules will be cheaper at that point anyway.

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