25 thoughts on “6 years I’ve been running my local Retro Game store, and I never thought I’d ever get my hands on one of these but here I am! 🤯”

  1. I’m not familiar with this! Obviously sounds like a collectors item from the comments – what are the dip switches for up top? What do they do?

  2. I used to work at a video rental store in the early 2000s and when it closed I got dozens of rare nes, genesis, Snes and ps1 games for dirt cheap. Wish I could find an old game store like this to take em off my grimy hands.


    seriously though always have something covering the small window ontop the EPROMs, otherwise random UV rays from the sun or other light sources could erase part of the data on it. and i don’t think i need to explain why that is bad

    just a sticker or piece of opaque tape should be enough.

  4. That’s great and I’m happy for your businesses success but I need to know…do you have Battletoads?

  5. >Nintendo World Championships 1990 is an exceedingly rare American [NES](https://www.mariowiki.com/Nintendo_Entertainment_System) cartridge, with only 116 cartridges in existence. The cartridges were used for the [Nintendo World Championships](https://www.mariowiki.com/Nintendo_World_Championships) held during 1990 in 30 cities across the U.S. and Canada. 90 gray cartridges were given to the ninety finalists, and 26 gold cartridges were given away in a [Nintendo Power](https://www.mariowiki.com/Nintendo_Power) contest. Because of this, it is a particularly rare cartridge and is valued by video game collectors. Both versions usually sell for several thousand dollars on eBay. It was not released outside America.

    From mariowiki.com

  6. So, OP, what is the story here? Did someone want to trade it in? Did you buy a box of random carts and it was in there? Was the seller aware? How much did you pay?

  7. Pink Gorilla Games?

    Edit: Sorry I had just seen a video on a shop in Seattle who got one, so I thought maybe it was them. But then actually looked at your username.

  8. i actually competed in the event. at the jacob javitts center in nyc. i guess that was the first and last time ill ever play that specific game.

  9. I’m a manager at a video game store near Indianapolis. We recently got a cartridge of the North American Stadium Events and it was a dumpster fire while we figured out what the fuck to do with it. Probably the most expensive thing we had/will ever have in-store.

  10. So did you go all Pawn Stars on some unsuspecting mark?
    I’m imagining:

    This is a really old, rare NES game, I’m looking to get like $5k for it.
    “Uhh, well, this is an old game- I really don’t think people want to play old games.. Tell ya what, I know a buddy who can log into eBay…”

    The appraiser said it was worth like $20k, how about $10k?


    “Look, I gotta run a business here, I’m gonna have to frame this, and it could take months to sell.”

    “Best I can do is $5 store credit.”

    I’m glad I walked away with something- I guess $5 is better than nothing.

    [end scene]

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