7 consoles 1 tv, how to I get them all hooked up! HELP ME!

Alo alo I need your help dear boils and ghouls!

As the title says; multiple game consoles, one tv. How on earth do I go about getting them all hooked up without unplugging cables all the time, and not overloading my outlet and burning down my house?

My TV is a 52″ flat screen Insignia (Best Buy personal brand I think)

Also from Canada, so take that into consideration when recommending me to US only sites.


List of game consoles waiting to be hooked up:

— Sega Genesis

— Gamecube

— Playstation 1

— Playstation 2 (slim)

— Nintendo 64

— Wii

— Xbox 360

— NES mini classic >> [THIS](https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/Classic-Style-Entertainment-System-Retro-Classic-Edition-Mini-Console-620-Built-in-Classic-Games/PRD4VWGSLS8K0EE)

Edit: i dont know tje name of these hubs or box switch thingies to use!

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7 thoughts on “7 consoles 1 tv, how to I get them all hooked up! HELP ME!”

  1. For the consoles not using HDMI, you can use switch boxes for composite (if you’re still using that for some reason), S-Video, and component (for consoles capable of using it)

    (HDMI switch boxes most likely exist, use one as well if needed)

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