31 thoughts on “7 player Smash at the airport. My life is officially a Switch ad.”

  1. We were on our way home from a bachelor party when we bumped into another bachelor party playing Switch at the airport. I whipped out my Switch and 7 player Smash was on!

    Everyone who said the roof top party in the Switch reveal was bullshit was wrong, that shit is real! Props to Nintendo for bringing people together.

  2. Nothing screams IDGAF more than a man playing switch in an airport, with a neck pillow, and crocs on. At least they’re having fun lol

  3. On the line in the airport boarding my flight to BlizzCon last year, I chatted up some other people in WoW shirts, and we wound up all playing Mario Kart via local link from our different seats on the plane. Technology is amazing!

  4. I still hold that any more than 2 people who are able to sit at a table fairly close to the Switch screen is just-plain asking for eye strain and is not comfortable to maintain. I love the Switch, AND its mobility, but I have little-to-no interest in having 3 of my friends all sit around a 7″ diagonal screen to play a game, let alone Smash Bros. with the camera zooming out to accommodate the locations of all 4 player characters.

    But glad you guys could enjoy it, :D! I’m sure it made the wait a lot less wearying.

  5. Me and my friends do this at the airport too except we only own Virtual Boys

    Yes we are all legally blind

  6. I already have trouble keeping track of my character in 8p smash on a 42 inch, it must be awful playing on a screen that small, especially for crocs man at the end

  7. That’s a great way to spend your time while sitting around waiting for your plane. I miss playing Smash.

  8. If these were me and my friends Id definitely be Smartfood popcorn man in the back there. That stuff is white gold! Or at least A white gold.

  9. Just curious: Have the improved wireless play for Smash? I played Smash with just one other buddy once using both of our systems (in the same room) and it was ridiculously slow.

    I’d love to do this, but only if it’s not terrible gameplay haha

  10. Guys cmon stop doing this! I‘m fighting with myself over buying a switch tomorrow! I know I should not. I‘m to old, way too stressed with my job and not that wealthy either. But seeing posts like this want me to get one even more!

  11. We did something similar on the actual plane like just under a month ago!

    The switch like might just be the best thing Nintendo has ever invented

  12. I feel like If I sat down next to some bros at the airport, waited until we made eye contact, nodded and uttered the words “u wanna smash?” that I would just get punched in the face

  13. Played six player smash with my cousins in our hotel room this weekend for a trip. The switch is my new favorite console

  14. If I recall correctly some airports (or maybe just one idk) like DFW have gaming lounges where you actually play games, like TVs and consoles right there for you to kill time.

  15. So I made a post saying something life “my life is officially a switch ad”, got close to a thousand up votes then a mod removed it saying “this post is misleading, you were not actually in a switch ad.”
    Not that I’m still bitter about it…
    Glad they seem to have developed a sense of humour now.

  16. Awesome! I took my switch to jury duty. I saw some other guy playing smash and we did 1v1 and co-op classic mode! Made time fly!

  17. I don’t think an ad ever achieved that level of accuracy in terms of expectations. We still need Susan bringing a switch to a roof party, and basketball players in a court playing basketball game on the switch instead of real life.

  18. Last time I flew solo on Southwest, I just walked down the isle asking ‘Mario kart? Mario kart?’ until I found a guy in his early 20’s who was down and we played my switch for the majority of the 2 hour flight, haha.

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