A group of guys outside Best Buy playing PS1 while waiting in line for the greatly anticipated Playstation 2. (2000)

A group of guys outside Best Buy playing PS1 while waiting in line for the greatly anticipated Playstation 2. (2000)

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37 thoughts on “A group of guys outside Best Buy playing PS1 while waiting in line for the greatly anticipated Playstation 2. (2000)”

  1. What’s really amazing about this is that at least two of these four are married and out so late on a Friday night. I’d be passed out by 930.

  2. I love spending time in those lines…I drive a truck, I use to set up chairs on the bed and chill with my friends while we waited

  3. Boy the way Glenn Miller played…

    Songs that made the hit parade…

    Guys like us we had it made…

    Those were the daaaaaays…

  4. When the Wii came out, the Walmart in my area opened at midnight to sell them while the Best Buy didn’t. A few friends who managed to get one at Walmart went to hang with other friends waiting at Best Buy and they hooked up one of their Wiis to play while everyone was waiting for Best Buy to open at 9AM.

  5. In my area, it was a bit more chaotic. I went to the local K-Mart, around 9pm. Most of the employees had no idea what was happening that night. Slowly, more and more people showed up to the store, flooding the electronics department. Beforehand, I spoke to a manager and he said he would be giving them out. The store had 4 PS2’s, with about 30-50 people anxiously waiting.

    Instead of sitting in the electronics department, I gambled and decided to keep an eye on the manager. As 12am neared, he went to customer service, I quickly followed. He announced to come to customer service, people rushed, me and another guy who I met earlier, were #1 and #2 in line. Mobs of people behind us disappointed and yelling. Chaotic!. I bought PS2 with Madden.

    Some old friends I hadn’t seen in years were in the crowd. Walking through the parking lot was INTENSE. Thought for sure I was going to get jumped. Old friends walked with me. Invited them to come back to my house. Wife and baby were sleeping (1am). 8 of us sat around the tube TV in amazement of how unbelievable real Madden 2001 looked. We all took turns. They left around 3am. It was a fun and memorable night. I still have the PS2 and all the games. Runs like a champ. I was 24 years old.

    I had similar, but more orderly experiences with World of Warcraft expansions: The Burning Crusade and The Lich King. Since then, I did this for RDR2. I’m now 42, still married, the baby from PS2 days is graduating high school in 3 days. I know I’m old but I still feel like Im in my early 20’s

    Edit: For those wondering about physical copies, here are some photos of my CD/DVD case heh: https://imgur.com/a/AwJI8HF (sorry for the flash)

    Edit2: I really appreciate everyones positive comments. It goes a long way. Thank you so much! P.S. Tell Epic Games to bring back Paragon! (killed by Fortnite). I met all my current friends through Paragon. We would sit in discord, hyped, for hero releases every 3 weeks. It’s the closest thing to waiting in line for a new release that I’ve felt.

    Edit3: My reddit name is from BBoys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EK2hsbDDNe0 ( x 6)

  6. Do people still line up like this for consoles? I remember when I wanted the switch on launch day. I went to best buy an hour before they opened and there was maybe like 5 people ahead of me. Employees came out and gave us the coupons that would basically hold the system for 2 hours after the store opened so we didn’t have to stay there. But it was way different when I worked at best buy myself long ago when the PS3 and Xbox 360 launch. Or people have just shifted for buying online?

  7. Are they plugged in to a homeless man sleeping under a blanket? Is that how we powered things in 2000?

  8. One of the crazier things about this photo; they’re using an extra controller splitter to let four people play. The ps1 only had two controller ports.

  9. Honestly, these moments are one of the greatest feelings you can ever go through. The anticipation with good friends is just awesome. Unfortunately we are so far along that consoles and PC’s are very alike and there’s a bit less wonder to it all.

    Still, this brings back some great memories.

  10. I got lucky af with the PS2 release. I showed up late to my Best Buy and they were out of stock everywhere. The guy in Games said a semi had just pulled up and if I waited while they unloaded it, he’d get me one. I had to wait about an hour and walked out with Timesplitters, which was simply sick for its time.

  11. It’s not as exciting, but I’ve stood in line on launch day a few times and the best was easily Halo:ODST. We blared the Mjolnir Mix from our car, then picked the game up with a ton of food and drinks. Friend worked as IT head for the convention center, so we played on awesome 20k projectors with screens the size of a small house. Two xbox’s, two screens, four player co-op until about 7 am.

  12. I waited in line at walmart. My boss showed up with his son and offered me $200 for my spot. When I declined, it got a little awkward. Like… ‘you sure you wanna keep your job’ akward

  13. Man when the PS2 came out every kids life changed. The jump from PS1 games to PS2 was like the jump from Radio to color TV. Every game started to have movie quality cut-scenes. Car tires were no longer made of blocks. Developers didn’t have to artificially create playtime by installing cheap kills and forced resets. It was like going from a DM who thought his goal was to defeat the party, to a DM who let the party play the story they wanted.

    The PS2 is the reason people can make a career out of playing video games while others watch. The console war between Sony and Microsoft created more amazing games than any of us could ever imagined.

  14. What most people don’t notice here is that. They are playing an EA Game. And that game was a finished game when they bought it. They paid for all the content for that game, by one single transaction.
    It’s unbelievable but it is true.

  15. Why…..why does this look like it was so long ago…it wasn’t that long ago, right?
    Mr Reddit, I don’t feel so good

  16. Omg i remember they were so difficult to get. My parents got us one for christmas and were only able to get it cause our grandparents were friends with a manager at ToysRUs. SSX tricky and Extreme G (3?) were my jams, miss those days.

  17. I had a family friend working at bestbuy who pulled one off the shelf, called my dad to tell him to come get it, and presto we got it.

    Sadly the guy that made one of my most memorable christmases died of a brain tumor shortly after but I think of that Christmas often. He really gave me a happy memory that I have had now for 34 years. I wish he knew how much just a little thing like that gave me a lifelong happy memory.

    Thanks Brian!

  18. My husband and I started dating in early 2000. I knew he really wanted the PS2 but they were SO hard to get your hands on that year, and we were young (19) and pretty broke. We had a mutual friend that worked at a store that carried them when they were available. He sneakily tipped me off that they had unexpectedly gotten a couple in. I was at work when he called. My boss at the time was lenient and allowed me to run and grab the last couple hundred bucks from my savings and go pick it up for him. It was near Christmas and the hardest secret I’ve ever kept was that PS2; but the look of shock on his face Christmas morning was ALL worth it. Nearly 20 years later and I haven’t topped that gift… Yet.

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