40 thoughts on “A third of Cyberpunk 2077 PC pre-orders have been purchased through GOG”

  1. The more marketshare GOG can get the better. Why? Because it shows DRM-free works. The more games that are DRM-free the better it is for all of us.

  2. Why? I’ve walked away from both the new MS store and GOG pretty disappointed. Steam they are not. Legitimately I don’t get the appeal. Feel free to enlighten me. Or downvote if you’re feeling lazy.

  3. Sadly the PC collectors edition is only available through Game.co.uk (in the UK). I would have ordered the collectors edition from GOG directly but they don’t offer that.

  4. What’s sadder, that people are pre-ordering a digital game with 0 reviews 9 months before release, or that only 1/3 of those pre-orders are for the DRM-free edition that gives 100% revenue to the developers and doesn’t need any launcher to run?

  5. I would join them, but the steam refund policy is so much better than the GOG one. Can refund on steam within 2 weeks of release if you’ve played 2 hours or less. Correct me if I’m wrong but on GOG you have to have a technical issue that can’t be corrected before you can get a refund.

  6. I really wish they would also tell us how many more copies were pre-ordered on Steam compared to Epic. Good on CDPR for putting the game on multiple platforms. Go where the gamers are is never a bad policy. Personally I pre-ordered on Steam because Steam still has more and better features than GoG and compared to GoG it has regional pricing which is a godsend for someone like me even if the price only was 5% lower than it is in America.

    Come on CDPR, tell us about the other PC sales!

  7. I have bought all CDProjeket Red’s games through GoG. I have not pre-ordered yet as the game is still a ways off and I want to see if there are any discounts leading up to its release. I know they did a discount for the Witcher 3 if you owned the previous 2 games.

  8. Great! Support the developers 100% in addition to a DRM free experience. Will be interesting to see how the Epic Games Store sales are since they aren’t paying for this to be an exclusive.

  9. DRM Free games!!!

    GOG deserves all the support it gets.

    Great to see it get more & more attention over the years.

  10. I’m not preordering cause I’m on #neverpreorder but I will buy it on GOG for sure when I do.

  11. I’ll buy my copy through GoG this time around. Also, if GOG 2.0 is successful, it could be a solution to all of this launcher madness. If any launcher overtakes steam, a DRM free one would be the best way to go.

  12. I don’t understand pre-ordering digital goods. Pre-ordering made sense to guarantee a copy when there was a limited number of physical copies produced. Too many examples of games promising a lot to generate pre-orders and then failing to deliver anything close to what was represented to secure those pre-orders.

  13. This shows how much gamers care for quality games. Anyone who pre-orders only hurts themselves in the long run.

  14. Steam offers regional pricing, I can get it at half the price. As a consumer I’ll always chose what’s best for me.

  15. After games like Dragon Age Inquisition and The Division, I advise against pre-ordering unless you have complete faith in the developers.


    That being said, CDPR has definitely proven their worth with their Witcher games, especially TW3. If Cyberpunk 2077 has even 70% of the quality that TW3 had, then the pre-order is definitely not a waste of money.

  16. In other news, Google, Microsoft, Sony all pushing us to move to the cloud, where DRM free doesnt exist, but much worse. They also insist that its what we all want for some reason… Enjoy GOG while it lasts I guess…

  17. As much as I want this game I will not pre-order. I will wait until it’s released, see the reviews and then buy.

  18. Not preordering, doesn’t matter how great is a company. That being said, I’m seriously considering picking up a steelbook copy of the game on PC (which comes with a GOG code). I’ll just wait a couple days, you never know. I’m glad to read this though, I adore GOG and it’s great to see that people do care.

  19. steam regional pricing is still king for me. no other launchers come close. gog is better in the extra stuffs though, like high res wallpapers, printable posters, manuals, and stuffs.

  20. The only reason I got it on steam instead of GOG was regional pricing. Buying it at 30 bucks was a no brainier. I really hope it’s something more storefronts look into.

  21. I’ll see how the new gog galaxy shapes up but in general I stopped buying stuff on gog because I forget that I bought it and end up accidentally buying it again on steam.

    I will probably remember to play cyberpunk though 🙂

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