43 thoughts on “A Timelapse Walk Across The Witcher 3 Map (Toussaint)”

  1. Is this a new genre of things or am I just late to the party? Makes me want to make these videos for so many open world games.

  2. Geralt after his 100th coffee. (Endurance potion?? I dont know much stuff of W3 i only watched a playtrough, the joys of being poor)

  3. This game re calibrated my GG compass. CD Projekt Red makes EA and Ubisoft look like fat kids at the track meet.

  4. Giddy up roach!

    Now I’ll have to replay everything.. Monster huner world’s witcher collab was the first sparkle of “should I? MAN I MISSED GERALT” and this one made me realize that I missed the witcher universe as a whole.

    Fk it I m going to play all three plus the throne taker this month.

    I need this in me lieefeee!

  5. I just started this game (literally just found the griffin nest). I’m loving the detail but the controls seem so difficult (I’ve tried both kb/mouse and controller)

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