34 thoughts on “A true gamer”

  1. You mean a true cheater, right? Using multiple accounts is a TOS violatio according to Niantic Terms of Service.

  2. That one guy who holds every arena in his district.
    He is that guy, isn’t he?
    Jokes aside:
    I imagine that he is doing a side job.

  3. A true *business man, dude is getting paid or going to sell these accounts for lazy people / people with too much money

  4. By the time he has finished spinning the poke stop on the last phone, his first phone is ready to spin again.

  5. I’m surprised people haven’t seen this. This is the pokemon go Taiwan grandpa that’s been talked about for at least over a year. Yes he has a day job, some kind of priest at a temple. His phones are all sponsored by Asus. He’s been interviewed before, and he just really likes the game, doesn’t sell accounts or anything

  6. Is that a nobreak on the front wheel? Does the bike has a feedback dynamo on the rear wheel to slowly charge the nobreak while riding around? Can he see where he is going with all that shit on his face? Does he truly enjoy that game that much or he’s just doing it to sell the accounts? Is it legal to ride bikes in urban area without helmet and with such a big situation awareness reduction because of poorly made modifications to the vehicle?

    His efficiency would be greater if he made the setup in his home where no external influences would get in the way. I think he’s just seeking attention.

  7. This man paid for this many phones to get an adorable, fierce or a loving pokemon *tears* salute to you sir!

  8. ~ $3000 to $30,000 worth of phones* while riding a ~$200 bike.

    Quite the hardware investment, i wonder how much it pays off?

    “*” very rough estimate not being able to make out the model of each phone and not really knowing how much cell phones cost in this person’s region.

    Update: apparently this guy is sponsored by a phone company so he likely gets all the phones for free.

  9. You know, I grew up with arcades being the thing. You could play street fighter 2, punch out, mortal kombat, NBA jam, Ninja Turtles and all sorts of stuff. You may have spent 10 bucks in quarters but it was always a treat. Little or no RNG. You could play yourself or without others. There were some amazing games and some flunkies. However you always got something out of it.

    You didn’t have to walk around town for a random Pokémon, harass your friends to download a shitty game or burn your wallet on RNG based rewards.

    It sucks it has come to this. It sucks that arcades aren’t as popular as they once were and they really need a come back. We need to be able to have high quality games in a social hub and perhaps we can find common ground with a new friend than look at a phone to see if Mew is around.

    We have tons of current games that can be arcade friendly such as Dragonball FighterZ (Bandai could make a lite arcade port of this), Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter 5 and the list goes on. Hell we could have a 2020 version of NBA jam or Sega can bring back Daytona USA for 2020.

    Bring Back Arcades 2020.

    I’m a gamer and I approve of this message.

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