39 thoughts on “A weapon to surpass Metal Gear”

  1. I still don’t know what this is about. Supernatural apocalypse and they use vampire babies to see the ghosts??

  2. Leaning ladders should be set at a 75 degree angle, and the top 3 rungs should extend from the top.

    Terrible laddering technique

  3. *Brrp brrp… voip!*

    Snake: Otacon!!

    Otacon: Snake, use your TFL

    Snake: Gyarrrhggghhh!! A TFL?!!?!

    Otacon: It stands for: Tactical Field Ladder. Developed by the soviets during world war II.

    Snake: Gyarrrhggghhh!!

  4. Unpopular opinion but just can’t get into Kojima hype.

    He just likes weirdness for the sake of weirdness. MGS was a great stealth game, I have absolutely no idea why there is a fantasy setting within such a serious military game. MGSV just felt like 2 completely different games.

    90% of the game is amazing stealth and military combat in Afghanistan, 10% is inexplicable immature fantasy bad guys.

    Death stranding looks more of the same. Some amazing gameplay but in an inexplicably weird setting. I get that people like something different but I don’t see anything special in Kojima’s settings.

  5. Never been more excited about a ladder in my life before. Traversal and combat options. I’ll gladly pay $5 for a gold ladder.

  6. Death Stranding: huge open world, cool sci-fi motorcycle, maybe time travel

    me: eh

    Death Stranding: this ladder gadget

    me: i’ve already pre ordered it twice

  7. I felt bad being the only one in my whole office to be freaking out over ladders. I glad you all have my back.

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