47 thoughts on “According to Polygon, Borderlands 3 has massive technical issues on PC: frequent crashes, quests glitching and more”

  1. Good thing it’s still in early access for another 6 months /s

    A lot of the other reviews mention nothing about crashing, but instead say the performance is super smooth. Epic want this game to succeed, I’m sure they’re working very closely with Gearbox to get this to be the best it can be with their engine.

  2. EGS should be called the Early Game Store. Let them have their time exclusives. It will save people the headache on release on their prefer platforms.

  3. The *beta* has massive technical issues, but seeing how Borderlands: Enhanced Edition is… (lots of brand new technical issues that didn’t previously exist and 0 patches to fix ’em) it won’t surprise me if a lot of the issues make it in to the final version.

    Borderlands: Enhanced Edition also removed LAN multiplayer so that in addition to the numerous new bugs meant it was more of a De-Enhanced Edition.

    It’s pretty surprising how often a re-master or Enhanced Edition of a game introduces new problems and most of the time gets jack all support in the form of bug fixes.

  4. Both Polygon and PCGamer are the bottom of the barrel in gaming articles (with Kotaku being the slime under said barrel) so I have to say something oddly curious is occurring here with only these two being dissenters on BL3.

  5. I guess not even epic’s money could help them finish the game in time.
    hopefully it’ll be fixed by the time it arrives on steam.

  6. I’m sure these issues will be mostly resolved by the time the game drops on Steam and I start looking into buying it.

  7. The thing is Gearbox has ZERO incentive for this game to succeed on EGS, they already got paid. It’s one thing that people always forget when talk about exclusivity and ‘guaranteed profits’. It supports nothing but straight up greed, and extremely anti-competitive.

    That’s what bothers me the most – when you can’t lose money – you can straight up stop working on that. Imagine if you get your wage no matter if any work is done.

    So I can easily believe that PC version is trash. I can smell it from here that PC folks are again a second grade citizens for Gearbox. As always.

    They’ll prolly patch it a bit for next half a year in order to sell more DLCs and MTs, especially before Steam release (which surely will be destroyed by Bloodlines, Cyberpunk and god knows what else, man, BL3 is on a crash course and it’s my favorite series, jeez).

  8. First game: You don’t know Jack.

    Second game: Have some Jack.

    Pre-sequel: Jacking all over the place

    Third game: This is Jack shit.

  9. Destructoid reviewer said they only had one crash during their 30+ hours, so I guess your mileage may vary assuming there isn’t a day 1 patch to improve things.

  10. Makes sense. Playing a AAA game at launch is equal to playing the worst version of the game.

    Thank goodness I won’t be supporting this game until it hits steam. Should be sorted by then.

  11. Personally I won’t be buying any epic exclusives regardless of if they eventually come out on steam. Yeah I know just my purchases don’t really effect the publishers but I can’t support what epic does right now.

  12. Gotta keep in mind that they did say they used a work-in-progress version of the game.

    > 2K Games and Gearbox didn’t send out review codes for *Borderlands 3*. Instead, they set reviewers up with new Epic Games Store accounts with the game unlocked, and gave us a few warnings about the game being a work in progress.

  13. At least those who bought the cane can refund it with under 2 hours of playtime. Or leave a review to warn others not to buy it, thanks epic for the amazing and fair platform that is topping the evil monopoly steam!

  14. It’s releasing on epic, probably coming to steam by April. Honestly I can only assume that it’s going to be full of glitches and bugs. I can wait a while till it gets ironed out.

  15. They don’t really tell you much about the issues they had or the differences between the different systems they saw these technical problems on.

  16. So definitely be wary of the game’s stability and wait for user reports on release BUT:

    1. This is Polygon. They are borderline tech illiterate.

    2. They were the only outlet out of how many that reported *severe* issues? Seems like some ID-10-T errors to me.

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