49 thoughts on “Activision should take some notes”

  1. Strongly disagree. Once they added Voice Acting, they also changed how the games played. Now they’re all action games that force you to break every single stupid brick-built structure in an area to solve one or two puzzles.

    It’s not fun anymore.

  2. Is the “Lego The Lego Movie Videogame” the “The Lego Movie” videogame or is it the Lego game of the “The Lego Movie”?

  3. Ehhhh. Once they started having voice acting it really took a lot of charm out of the games. Also Disney dipping their toes into the franchises they got even worse. They’re basically shovel ware now.

    Oh yeah, and LEGO dimensions. The death knell for T2L games.

  4. I wish they never moved on from the classic LEGO noises. When they switched to talking the quality of game was still there but it just felt different

  5. The lego lotr game was fucking massive, i remember spending at least a couple dozen hours fucking around

  6. To be fair, LEGO series has an easier time because the stories are made using alternate source content for a majority of the games. Don’t get me wrong, the LEGO games are AMAZING and was a huge source of my childhood. But the games are always a new breath of fresh air because of how different the franchises used are. Marvel is different from Pirates of the Caribbean. Jurassic Park is a completely different ballgame from Harry Potter. As a result it’s so much easier to make a franchise that has a different world and universe almost any game compared to a series that is following one linear storyline.

    Obviously I’m not saying the games are easy to make, Hell I’d probably have a mental breakdown if I had to develop a LEGO game.

  7. I honestly liked it better before characters could talk. LEGO Movie Videogame, LEGO Marvel Superheroes and LEGO Batman 2 are the exceptions. (I never got a chance to play LEGO Hobbit or LoTR, so I have no idea if they’re good.)

  8. Dude the first LEGO Star Wars game was so fun and nostalgic. I remember playing on my GameCube and my little sister always watching me play. I never completed the game haha

  9. I’ve watched my kids play through several Lego games, from Star Wars to Superhero’s. All of them were decent when it came to story and gameplay. I’ll never hesitate to drop £30 on another for them.

  10. Activision would take notes from games that make a paltry sum of money compared to their own ones?

    I can’t see that being a thing anyone would want to do.

  11. Why is the cod community so toxic? If they try to change the game people say it ruins the franchise, if they try to stick to the roots they say it’s a reskin of the last game. My only issue is with microtransactions and those are slowly being fixed anyway

  12. Except when the LEGO hobbit game only adapts 2/3rds of the story, missing out the whole climax of the book.

  13. Worked at TT Games and did 9 games. You may think that they didn’t fuck up this franchise (which they did imo) but, my god, did they fuck over the employees pretty well – particularly QA

  14. Alot of people are saying voice acting ruined these games. Tbh i think after replaying them when im klder i realize they arent as fun as i remembered even before the voice acting.

  15. Is this satire?

    It’s literally the same game over and over with identical mechanics.

    You can’t be upset with a publisher who releases yearly titles and also praise a publisher who just reskins the same game with a new license

  16. Well they blue-balled my 6 year old nephew with The Hobbit. At first I thought it was just the first movie, but then I was pleasantly surprised when I realized it continued. My nephew got really into it, and I thought “neat, he’ll get the whole story in a kid friendly way” but then as Smaug flies off towards lake town, the credits roll.

    They never made the last one

  17. Screws over their development team though. The games are severely rushed and pumped out at great expense to the team.

  18. But it’s all the same game, just with a different skin… You know, exactly like Activision, the company you’re bashing

    I swear the circlejerk writes itself.

  19. While Lego games are good and fun games this comparison is so biased. From development point of view Lego games is low effort recycling of the same game play based on existing third party story and universe. Creating games in your own universe, own story with at least some variations between your titles is completely different league.

  20. a lotta Lego game haters on this post… these are actually pretty good games for beginners, since they’re not very hard (although I could never beat that ice slide in the first Batman… grrrr)

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