34 thoughts on “After 25 grueling years, my friend finally beat Bubsy.”

  1. Anytime I see a post worded like this, I always imagine that someone has been playing the game full time for twenty or thirty years, then finally beat it.

  2. I made good progress in that game, but for some reason was never able to beat the level with the tall trees. I just couldn’t find the exit.


  3. Why!? That game was not worth the dedication! Think of your thumbs, man!

    Seriously, though, that’s impressive. That game has some of the worst jumping physics I have ever played, especially on the Genesis/Mega Drive.

  4. Never played the original Bubsy, but I owned Bubsy II and I enjoyed it. No, not nearly as much as a lot of the other games I had in my SNES library, but it wasn’t the worst game I ever played, nor the worst on that system. It was just…. meh.

  5. Loved this game as a kid.
    One of the greatest joys of growing up has been discovering the meanings of all the movie references.

  6. “What could possibly go wrong?”

    Heard that so many times, but never understood what he was saying as a kid. Me and my friend thought it was something about a possum.

  7. I wonder if I’m brave enough to revisit some of my childhood horrors. I don’t know I could complete them even if I had quick-save… looking at *you* Alien Breed Tower Assault.

  8. There used to be a kids’ gameshow here in Australia that had a segment where they played SNES/N64. Almost no one could play Bubsy.

    They’d change direction just after the 12 millenia it took to build momentum, they’d run straight into enemies because they couldn’t react to them appearing on screen within 30ms, and they’d die from falling because let’s make a side scroller have fall damage.

    I used to play it constantly. 8/10 IGN.

  9. Well done! I liked that game in my teens and finished it over a very long weekend. Frustrating, but fun

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