32 thoughts on “After 4 years of online gaming I flew from Alabama to Oregon to meet my best friends”

  1. Dude this is sweet! Which one are you OP?

    I had a tight niche of friends in my early days of WoW. I was 14 at the time, my other buddies were 19 and 29. We all had a decent age gap but we got a long really well, it was awesome

  2. I’d known some of my online buddy’s for the last twenty years. Finally did a meet a few years ago from all over Europe to meet in Amsterdam. Great fun all around.

  3. Online gaming in NA: *This*


    Online gaming in EU: “So where are you guys from?”

    “Cuka idinahui blyat kurwa no pable inglesh”

  4. If you’re the guy in the middle I just have to say you kind of look like Alexei from Stranger Things S3.

  5. I met one of my good friends back in ~2006 on a World of Warcraft private server. I lived in New York, she lived in Nottingham. We’d play and skype for a few years but eventually we stopped talking as often. Fast forward to January 2017. I was home from military servie for the holidays and she happened to be visiting NYC for a law school trip. I shot her a message and proposed we meet up. We ended up meeting and I spent the whole day showing her around New York. At first we were a little nervous about it but it ended up being the most enjoyable days I’ve had. Glad you made the trip too and meet your friends!

  6. I had a group of friends while I lived in Indiana that we always played with these guys from Arkansas all of a sudden our friend groups integrated and they actually flew up to Indiana where we hanged out with them for a few days. VendettaSoldier and MyPandaFlys will never be forgotten. Awesome pic.

  7. God damn, not a single one of these “met up with my gaming friends” photos are breaking any stereotypes.

  8. Nice! I met my best friend /u/python2k10 on Gamefaqs about 8 or 9 years ago now, and we met for the first time about 3 years ago! We meet up at least once a year if not more now!

    Also, hello fellow Alabamian!

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