43 thoughts on “After 6 years of game development, the teaser trailer is finally here!”

  1. Off topic but I’ve totally used your lightmapping tutorial on YouTube. Thanks for posting that, it really cleared some issues up for us!

  2. This is one of the most suspicious posts I’ve ever seen, 40 almost identical comments asking for more info with none mentioning anything about the trailer.

  3. This looks like an unbelievable amount of work put into background set pieces that don’t really add anything to the game.

  4. I think idea is absolutely awesome and visuals are cool, I’m just not sure how the gameplay would be. What the video shows is an extremely basic puzzles where transitions between then take more time than to solve them – hopefully that’s not the case in the real gameplay, just saying what impression I get from the video.

  5. You made a game with the most beautiful environments I’ve seen in a while… just to peer at cardboard signs that take up a fraction of the screen?

  6. I don’t understand the game. It seems like very simple puzzles with a great background. Is that just because it’s the teaser?

  7. Simple idea that has unnecessary background pieces that add nothing to gameplay or story.

    It’s literally just a simple premise with WAY too much work put into backgrounds.

  8. you mean you made all these elaborate 3d levels but they’re actually just backgrounds and you play only in these 2d panels ??

  9. This looks…boring? It’s a super basic platformer with pretty graphics in the background that have no relevance to the game.

  10. Don’t want to come off dickish, but I’m more interested in the details of the world than the actual gameplay. Everything surrounding your character is much more vibrant and fascinating to look at, and draws my attention away from what I should be doing.

  11. This looks amazing and quite simple but is there more ways for the background to interact with the actual gameplay? It would be a shame for the background parts to simply just be there for show

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