27 thoughts on “After 755 hours, my grandmother has finally beaten The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”

  1. My grandma isn’t a hardcore gamer, but she absolutely LOVES Zelda and took up the challenge to beat Twilight Princess. Even if there was a learning curve with the motion controls, that didn’t phase her. When she would visit for the holidays, I would help with the occasional challenge or two when she asked for it, but she did 99% of the work, including the final fight! On top of that, throughout her entire journey she would send me text updates on her progress. (link below!) I’m so incredibly proud of her.


    You can see that the date on the final saves are from March, i’m just a little late to posting this. (Oops!)


    **BONUS!**Here’s a clip of her working on the Cave of Ordeals: [https://streamable.com/f6r11](https://streamable.com/f6r11)

    Here are some text updates: [https://imgur.com/a/mQo5iMI](https://imgur.com/a/mQo5iMI)

    (couldn’t include all texts due to convos about non-Zelda stuff. I’m also missing a lot of the older texts)


    My favorite quote from her: “I wonder if Nintendo gives prizes for the longest time to complete Twilight Princess. I have fooled around with this over 500 hours.”

    EDIT: I’ve just sent her a link to the post so she can read all of your awesome comments!

    EDIT: She just made an account /u/GramieGreat so she can reply to people!

    EDIT: OKAY WOW I didn’t expect this to blow up so fast. I’m at work but i’ll try my best to reply to some of you when i can, but thank you for all the kind words. Some of you have been sharing your memories and it’s been really nice to read.

  2. We’ve allowed her food and drink once more. And she was happy to be able to see the sun for a few minutes when we let her out to use the bathroom.

  3. That’s so cool! Congratulations to her for beating it regardless of the time it took. That’s over 500 hours she was enjoying something and that’s all that matters.

    Edit: 755 hours is approximately 31.45 days. That’s a whole month your grandmother was entertained and having a good time (well hopefully, games can be stressful at points).

  4. I remember years ago when I was a kid my mum would play Zelda a Link to the past I think on the Super Nintendo and she spent so long and had so much in her inventory and I came along one day and bumped the cartridge while it was on and it deleted absolutely everything I was so scared and felt so bad but luckily she never ended up playing it again to realise what I done!

  5. For some reason I immediately imagined my grandmother driving 20 under the speed limit everywhere. I think it’s safe to say yours got the full values worth out of that game.

  6. Holy shit, your grandma beat Zelda? … Meanwhile, my grandma still calls me to come and reset the time on her VCR.

  7. I had a great aunt that loved Metroid…she’d buy a copy and play through the game, then give it to one of the kiddos at a family gathering…

    At first I thought she didn’t know she could just start over a new game, but she told me it was because everyone should have Metroid…

    She absolutely hated when Metroid Prime…

  8. Had a couple of years when I didn’t touch this, but it was always there waiting for me. As for the “water temple” comment? I was NOT in the “water temple” most of the time. Never heard it called that before! Thanks for the laugh!!

  9. To be fair, that game counts time while it is paused. I have been working on it lately and I will pause frequently and do some household chore. It says I have been playing for 6 hours, but only 2 hours of actual game play has happened.

  10. It is the best game but what is that other account with 754 hours, did she just copy an account over.

  11. I’m willing to bet 720 hours was spent chasing that fucking carriage on horseback.

    Felt like that for me…

  12. I know it’s not a popular opinion but Twilight Princess was the best Zelda game to me. Wind Waker was great. I hate the items having durability in Breath of the Wild. And Ocarina of Time was too complicated for me at the time it came out. I couldn’t dedicate the time I needed to for it.

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