44 thoughts on “After just over a year I have finally finished the Zelda light world map for my husband!”

  1. This is amazing and the sheer diligence involved is inspiring. You’ve made not just a gift, but a family heirloom.

  2. That is exactly what my room mate is currently working on. She planned to finish it within nine months but she has to do some other projects first so it will probably take longer than that. Haven’t seen what the final product would look like. Now I know and it looks awesome! Congratz on finishing such a monster project

  3. He better frame it and hang it near the entrance to you house it better be a pillow case for you sofa. That needs to be visible lol awesome work!

  4. This is so well done and the detail is great. The waves of nostalgia came back remembering playing this game at my grandparent’s house on the NES all those years ago!

  5. I know you mentioned over a year in your post, but do you know how much time this actually took to make?

    Nice work btw!

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