26 thoughts on “After making fun of Epic critics, the Ooblets dev received thousands of “hateful messages””

  1. this is like the fifth time i saw the same article posted.

    would it kill you to check before posting it again?

  2. This is one of the reasons why I dont like to associate with gaming as a hobby

    Edit: I mean just take this thread. “I never condone death threats, *buuuuut* they had it coming for being mean to Gamers^tm on a blog post.” Get over yourselves

  3. God they’re acting like such victims. They’ve been “holier than thou” for months asking for feedback for the game and then ignoring any that they don’t agree with. I don’t condone hateful messages but they can not accept any form of criticism. Any.

  4. Threats are never acceptable, twitter hate is. If there are legitimate threats that shit needs to stop and people need to be held accountable. If it is just people telling the devs that they suck in a variety of offensive ways, that’s the price you pay for being assholes and gloating about it.

    It would be wonderful if people were better and nicer online, but it would also be wonderful if smug asshole devs were better and nicer too.

  5. Good like every game dev who puts their game on Epic store.

    Don’t be surprised when you choose money over fans…

  6. Man, a lot of this hate could have prevented if they shut their mouths after taking the deal. They could just said we needed the money to finish the game, but they had to be condescending to the “haters”.

    I swear, you think some devs would learn what not to do after Satisfactory or Omen of Sorrow became exclusive.

  7. I condemn any kind of threat or personal attack, unfortunately there are people who take too much to heart something that should be a hobby.

    Having said that, after reading the post that the developer wrote in a tone of mockery and provocation… I wouldn’t be surprised if he were deliberately exaggerating. On Twitter was replied by a few users, so there is no way he is receiving thousands of threats.

  8. I don’t support threatening messages, but I am in no way surprised that it’s happening. They knew that signing with Epic was a bad idea, and yet in their statement they actively make *fun* of people critiquing EGS.

  9. It goes without saying, don’t threaten people over something like this. At best they deserve some of their smarmy attitude in their blog post thrown back in their face, but not threats. Just don’t buy their game.

    It should also go without saying, don’t condescend and mock the people who have been supporting you.

    From the article:

    >The UK developer anticipated some backlash, publishing a blog post that explained its reasoning and addressed the most common complaints with the Epic Games Store’s divisive exclusivity strategy.

    No, they didn’t “address it” they made fun of it.

    In [their own blog post they say](https://ooblets.com/2019/07/we-did-the-thing/)

    >I get the appeal of wanting to seek out things to get angry about. Venting anger is cathartic and natural, but let’s have just a little perspective about what we decide to get angry about. Look at the things going on around you and ask yourself if there might be anything just a tad more worthwhile to be upset about.

    >Here are just a few suggestions:

    >* Climate change
    * Human rights abuses
    * The new Twitter desktop UI
    * The last season of Game of Thrones

    Imagine a world where you’re not allowed to be concerned about two things at once. Where you can’t complain about anything if there’s something worse in the world.

    “My finger’s bleeding.” – “Well that guy broke his arm.”
    “Someone crashed into my car.” – “Her house burned down.”
    “I’m hungry.” – “Children in Africa are starving.”
    “I’ve got parkinsons.” – “They’ve got terminal cancer.”

    See nothing matters in a world where you’re not allowed to have a fucking problem just because climate change exists or there’s human rights abuses. Of course those are bigger problems, it doesn’t excuse shitty attitudes or give you immunity from being called out for them.

    I’ll be honest, I could write a thousand words on the rest of their post and why this is so stupid, but [Jim Sterling summed it up pretty well](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TriZmvorwxc&t=6m20s) skip to 6:20 if the timecode doesn’t work.

  10. How fucking dumb can this dev be ? Does he honestly think epic gonna give them money forever ? Their next game which won’t get money from epic, he burnt all his bridges now with fans, this company is dead. This deal with epic and how they go about it outright killed these devs. They have no future, they break even on this due to the epic deal, but their next game without the epic deal gonna tank and they are out of business. How fucking shortsighted can you be ?

  11. Make no mistake, all of this discussion of Ooblets has done nothing but given free publicity to a game that otherwise, would’ve gone unnoticed on the Epic Store.

    I’m not condoning the “hateful messages” they apparently received, but you know damn well they’re loving all of this free publicity.

  12. I don’t think harassing them is a good thing, but what where they expecting? That peoples wouldn’t be angry about it, especially with the way they treated their patrons and potential customers?

    This is the textbook example of something that could have been easily prevented if they took a minute of think before talking shit!

  13. I agree with people saying they need to grow thicker skin. Most of these “threats+ hate” are baseless and just hot air. That doesn’t excuse it of course, and people should never stoop that low, as it undermines constructive criticism.

    That said i find it hard to feel sorry for them. They went out of their way to pour petrol on that fire, and from what i hear they are just arrogant in general. I think most people won’t begrudge an indie dev taking up the offer of extra funding, even if they did sign on with the devil. That said, they can’t expect people to be happy with the decision either.

  14. One thing is going exclusively to epic (fair enough they need money to keep making games) but once they received their money they immediately insult entire gaming community? Very questionable.

    Considering the condescending messages they wrote on twitter and discord they deserve some backlash. People with death threats need to chill though (if those are even happening.)

  15. Again, anyone willing to go for a lawsuit? More often than not, epic ‘exclusives have Steam pages anyway and even use the platform for advertising. And yet, the games themselves are not available. Definitely a grounds for lawsuits…

  16. This is the issue with gamers, now they will use these threats to say gamers are entitled pricks and will act as victim at GDC.

    Ooblets did an opsie.

  17. -Acts condescending, insulting gamers over and over and going back on their own word.

    -Wonders why people send them hateful messages.


    Gee, i fucking wonder why. I thought no one would be as brainless as the EA moron that wondered why people hated them so much, but this dude and his wife are getting very very close.

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