He knew it was going to be shit from the start knew all the problems and still released the game anyway with the belief that its not what it is at launch but what it becomes after ( he said something along those lines ).


Did he forget that first impressions are really fuckin important or what ? because usually my first impressions of these live services games when i try them out is that they are PATHETIC BEYOND BELIEF, and im not gonna buy shit again until lessons are learned and this live service model burns the shit out of people because of the hype behind the names and memories of games that it leeches from.


off the top of my head and im sure there is more.



fallout 76

battlefield V

Star wars battlefront 2



if that isn’t a indication that we will never get a fully polished game for 60$ or more depending on what edition you buy from some of our franchises idk what is…. and you know what its pretty hard for some to let go of those franchises because of memories and time invested or relationships built because of it.


i wouldn’t be surprised if this guy turns elder scrolls 6 into some kind of single player hybrid live service game, adds guilds months later and other shit like that.

anyway rant over.. fuck it.

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20 thoughts on “After seeing todd howards response to the fallout 76 launch im just honestly disgusted.”

  1. You act like that games wasn’t exactly what it was advertised as. Anyone who bought that game expecting a RPG doesn’t know how to read. Maybe you shouldn’t waste your anger on video games, just do your research and you won’t be disappointed

  2. There are franchises out there where their publisher/developers knows they don’t have to do anything and can live off the name alone. Take Elder Scrolls 6, we literally haven’t seen anything about what the game entails yet millions of people have already mentally pre-ordered that game. It’s ridiculous really.

  3. Leaves more room for some other Indie or small time dev studio to make their own games like Fallout and Skyrim but with day 1 mod support and take the crown away from them.

    Because the only reason Skyrim and Fallout are still alive is the modding community keeping it fresh – Fallout 76 doesn’t have it and it’s likely that ES6 and Starfield wont either with the promise it’ll come out after release and have to be supported by the Creation Club.

  4. I knew that game was going to be shit from the start… I see it as a lesson to others to do a bit more research and not take the word from a guy whose purpose is to try and SELL the game

  5. im pretty sure he’s just giving PR speak and he knows first impressions matter and he didn’t just want to ship a broken game for lulz.

    there’s many special interests with big companies nowadays. sometimes the business side forces developers to push out games before it’s ready or have unrealistic deadlines etc. etc.

  6. Your anger as a consumer is justified. Learn from your experience here and be more informed in the future. Don’t give publishers your money for products like this. Once they have your money, they no longer have any commitment to you.

  7. i never had a single problem with the game (played to lvl 60+)

    i disliked the survival aspect personally, but in terms of glitches or “problems” – absolutely zero

    you can go watch on twitch for yourself for proof. it’s not like all the streamers are “oh no i can’t play this game it’s so buggy” waaaah

    lemme guess you didn’t even play the game right?

  8. The funny thing is, he mentioned again the “millions and millions” of copies sold. Again, what isn’t mentioned is the fact that the game was reduced to £12 jut five days after release, and countless copies were being bundled in for free with random other purchases.

    At one stage, i was half-expecting to be given a free copy while buying dog food at my local pet shop.

    Look, i don’t like to see hard-working people’s effort being lambasted, it mustn’t feel good for the devs, who i’m sure were shoe-horned into particular decisions. But FO76 was a rushed, lazy, asset-flipped pile of ferret scat. And this isn’t the same Bethesda from yore, it’s worth remembering that, too.

    It may well take a big dev studio or two (Bethesda and Bioware, i’m looking at you) to go under before the industry finally begins to realise this isn’t the half-baked shite we’re looking for. Very sad.

  9. They released a “letter to the players” before launch to let everyone know it was buggy.

    And people still bought it.

    Nothing will change until the money runs dry.

  10. He’s just the spokesperson the corporate heads above him chose to screw over…. BGS had hardly anything to do with 76, they’re still working on Starfield. Corporate aquires a new studio and says make a game within a year and present it… well, sorry Todd, but you can either quit or do it.

  11. Best thing about all this? Games from Bethesda, EA, Bioware and Activision will still be bought because people are people. No matter how hard you bash a game like 76 or Anthem, people will still buy it.

  12. I see Fallout 76 before me…. shallow and pedantic.
    Failing to hold gamerz interest.

    Todd Howard, you stand at the precipice!
    Your reviews have nailed you, so now you turn to the press!

    And yet you do not meme?

    Do you not kiss our ass or issue sheepish apologies?

    Instead you wail, ‘Why has the market forsaken us?’

    We must look to the titles released long ago!

  13. I dunno what to think. I’m happy that they’re experimenting and that they’re not afraid to fail. I think that’s a healthy attitude for a studio to have, as long as they have the cash reserve to put their money where their mouth is, and I think Bethesda does.

    On the other hand, some of the silly scandals that came with it just beggared belief.

  14. Im actually happy for once. People are actually seeing the truth of developer and publishers promises. Even the biggest fanboys cant keep believing in this shit. And thats what this industry needs. People need to vote with their wallets. But till now only few did that and the rest still bought these buggy non finished games. And since the game sold none of the investors cared what people said about the games. After Anthem, fallout 76, and many more people are actually seeing this for what it actually is … bullshit. Maybe when the next games wont sell that good developers/publishers will double think about selling unfinished peace of crap filled with microtransactions and roadmaps.

  15. Lol battlefront 2 and battlefield V are the opposite of what you are talking about -graphically stunning, greatly optimized and with very cinematic gameplay on release, no support/content after. Dont put them into the same category as anthem and fallout 76 just because of mta.

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