Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition to be playable at E3

“Recently, we [announced]( three of our Definitive Editions will be coming to Steam, giving our community the choice of where they want to play. With E3 fast approaching, kicking off with Microsoft’s Keynote on **Sunday, June 9**, we are excited to announce that we will be on the floor with *Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition*!

Attendees will be able to experience stunning 4K Ultra HD graphics, a new, fully remastered soundtrack, and 4 new civilizations during an on-hands demo of the game.

Not attending E3? Not a problem. Click [here]( to sign up as an *Age of Empires* Insider and stay up to date on all things *Age* announced during the conference as well as get access to perks such as:

* Updates about the latest developments to the *Age of Empires* franchise
* Opportunities to provide input to the development teams via Insider surveys
* The chance to be selected as a participant in special playtesting events for unreleased *Age* titles and features”


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10 thoughts on “Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition to be playable at E3”

  1. Damn, I just want AoE3:DE.. I was kinda hoping they’d release 3 first since 2:HD is going strong for the 2 fans but I suppose that wouldn’t make sense for MS, oh well.

  2. If AOE2 DE will be playable at E3 this year then it is likely that the game will either be released this summer or later this year.

  3. I’m guessing this isn’t compatible online with HD edition which already has an active player base. Really need to splinter the community more instead of just updating HD edition?

  4. Here’s hoping that HD owners get a decent discount or just get it for free.

    Especially since the HD edition got several new expansions too.

  5. MS re-releasing this game seems so strange to me. It’s blatant cash in and the resources could be better spent elsewhere.

    Most AOE2 fans will just play the original on voobly with fanpatches with the HD expansions modded in. The mechanical changes due to engine and “QOL” improvements they will add in this iteration won’t be popular to the hardcore fanbase that actually cares about this game.

    I mean time will tell, hope they add some meaningful improvements.

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