37 thoughts on “Age of Empires to support cross-play between Microsoft Store and Steam”

  1. Does it have dedicated servers or are matches still peer to peer? The issue with old peer to peer multiplayer was that if one person lagged, the entire game would grind to a halt, and a 45 minute game could take 4 hours. There was also issues with hackers at higher ranks.

    I’m just hoping for age of empires IV

  2. Wtf? Since when PC users playing with PC users became “crossplay”? Since when did method of purchase became a synonym to “platform”. What’s next? Crossplay between credit and debit card payers?

  3. This is such a non-article. It’s not cross play and it’s been the same as it’s always been, hooked into Microsoft’s servers.

  4. Wonder if its possible we can get a steam store key so we can get access to the workshop we know is coming.

  5. This is due to the fact that Microsoft just finished their xbox live integration into steam


    This is probably the reason that previously games were only offered on the windows store – they literally couldn’t be available on steam too and have connectivity to the store versions


    For example….the halo wars definitive version on steam does not crossplay with the windows store

  6. Won’t make much of difference considering no one will buy it on the MS store if it also is on Steam.

  7. Why would the store you bought it from matter in the first place? It’s the same platform. The data is in the same format. This seems like a self-congratulating pile of nothing.

  8. Remember when we used to but games from no matter what store, go home and install, and connect to your friend?

  9. A long long time ago, Dreamcast players could plug in a keyboard and mouse, and compete on Quake 3 against PC gamers. No walled gardens, no monthly fees.

  10. As it should be, I have AoEI Definitive on the Windows store and my hope for it coming to Steam was that there’d be a flood of people to play with! Only makes sense.

  11. Good on Microsoft. Still won’t personally be buying off the MS store, but this is what we need to be working on. Breaking down the barriers between companies and platforms.

  12. So EPIC game store really has been good for gaming. Not in the way all the tools said it would be by bringing “competition” but by being so outrageously outright horrible and setting an example of what practices not to do.

  13. Would be nice if Valve did the same thing with Dota 2 and CS:GO instead of it being Steam exclusive :/

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