40 thoughts on “Ah, the classics.”

  1. Not quite time for a shower/bath just yet if the whiff goes away that fast. My sides are bursting, this nerd humor is great.

  2. I like naming my favorite food ‘bleach’.

    It works great for everything.

    “Have some bleach and scooch up to bed.”
    “For a brief moment, Ness got a whiff of bleach.”
    “What’s that Pokey? You don’t like bleach? TOO BAD. “

  3. This good so many awesome things that so many RPGs STILL DONT Do:
    -Auto-Win battles against under-leveled Enemies
    -A condiment system the effect how much healing food does.
    -A carrying a raw egg for a while turns it into a chick, then after that, a chicken.
    -You can get pizza delivered to your party.
    -party-member specific inventory system.
    -a home-sickness condition if you spend too far from home or without calling your mom.

    So freaking good.

  4. Nintendo missed out on a huge opportunity last console release by, at the very least, not releasing a remake of Earthbound to go along with the launch. Would of introduced tons of new fans to the series. Imagine another standalone sequel—they could have reincarnated a beloved franchise.

  5. The slot machine HP that you could beat rolling to 0 for the heal. That game was easily my favorite RPG of the early 90s.

  6. The game also does it’s “being random” thing and asks for your name, the person playing the game. It does this a little before about halfway through the game, but then only uses it in the final battle.

  7. Haha played Earthbound with some friends for the first time around 5 years ago when they released the WiiU emulator. Can vividly remember crying with laughter when Ness caught a whiff of ‘nob’, but just for a second!

  8. When play it on emulators now, I only use the save states and not calling dad to save because he’ll tell you how much money is given to you. At the end of the game I call and his dad will say something like “Hi Ness, I’ve deposited $725393 into your account.”

  9. I always like to do stuff like this in X Com style games. “Oh no, Dixie Normous died. What will we do? Send in Mike Hunt or Mike Hawk I guess. lmao

  10. Man what a great game. One of my favorite RPG’s of all time. Growing up as an RPG lover I would have to say the SNES is still my favorite system of all time. Haven’t pulled the trigger on a classic yet but only a matter of time.

  11. Anyone remember the scratch and sniff cards that came with the strategy guide? Such an incredible, weird and funny game. It is perfect.

  12. I straight hated those damn trees! Exploding robots that die first and something doesn’t feel right in your toes were the most rage inducing things ever.

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