34 thoughts on “All airports need this. Tired of being bored waiting for my flight.”

  1. People at airports are horrible. Everything not bolted down would be gone. And everything bolted down would be smashed on the next cancelled flight

  2. Until it’s filled with kids arguing about who goes next or people that don’t game and just sit in the seats taking up space.

  3. I miss the old 5-inch B&W tube TV attached to arm rests in Airport chairs. Sometimes they took quarters to operate. In higher end lounges they were complimentary.

  4. I mean all the times I’ve been in an airport I’ve had my phone, Switch, laptop and arcade stick on hand so regardless of the wait I have something to entertain myself with. Do people not do this?

  5. I saw this in DFW on my way in and thought, “This will be nice to play when I come back to fly out.” Then I proceeded to arrive to the airport late, and got to walk right by as everyone was playing Overwatch and I had to board the plane. I didn’t get to see the whole process but there’s a guy behind the counter on the right that checks you into the area. It’s not just open to the public like the photo suggests. I guess the staff monitoring this area can help prevent stuff getting stolen.

  6. This is Priority Pass compatible – 2 free hours if you are a Priority Pass member.

    Some fancy credit cards (e.g. Chase Sapphire Preferred) give you Priority Pass access, and let you bring a guest… so you can have 2 free blocks of 2 hours (i.e. entertain the kid for 4 whole hours!)

  7. “Final boarding call for flight –”

    “Dude, three more minutes, the match isn’t over and I’m on a streak.”

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