9 thoughts on “AMD and Samsung Announce Mobile Graphics Partnership”

  1. >This, however, is **not** the first time `Radeon Graphics` technologies have found their way into the mobile market. AMD **sold** off it’s mobile graphics division to “Qualcomm” in 2009. Qualcomm’s aptly named **Adreno** — which is an anagram for *”Radeon”* — mobile graphics are used widely in the company’s Snapdragon SoC lineup.

    So nothing new except that the introduction of RDNA by AMD to skip Qualcomm.

  2. This could mean AMD has switched to tile based rasteriser like Nvidia did with Maxwell. It will be pretty useless as a mobile part otherwise

  3. Hopefully this adds kick to the emulation scene kinda excited since those are the types of games I play the most power management will probably improve too.

  4. Does mobile really need better graphics? I’d take better battery life over slightly improved graphics any day. That being said, if this makes the GPU more optimized and therefore use less battery, I’m all for it

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