25 thoughts on “AMD has just 14.75% of gamers on Steam using Radeon graphics”

  1. Hopefully they will regain a little market share with the 5700 series, competition is good for everyone and Nvidia has been in full control of the market for too many years now.

  2. Based on current bench marks/prices that may be 14.756% soon.

    Edit: I feel like I should clarify in light of the downvote. The % went up. I am planning to go radeon this build. Maybe for everything.

  3. I’d be interested in knowing how much of the userbase declined the survey. I don’t think it would change the numbers too much, but it would still be interesting to see.

  4. I love my rx470, got it at a great price and the support for the card is excellent. Have had no problem using it as a 1080p workhorse.

  5. Wasn’t there a thing about this being because prebuilts are more likely to use nvidia and intel? I haven’t been in pc gaming for very long but most people seem to have prebuilt pcs just based on me asking people I’ve met.

  6. AMD needs to up their game and be solid for multiple years before this widely changes.

    Too many years went by with AMD sucking (often their software) so people just avoided them. Its better now, but its amazing how hard it is for the tide to turn.

  7. I was always dead set on Intel + Nvidia combo.


    I think I can see that changing this year. Clearly with the pricing Intel and Nvidia has been putting out, they’re just saying you can’t afford to be ripped off we don’t need you as a customer.

  8. Once intel’s gaming gpus are released I expect this to rightfully drop to below 5 percent

    the only reason radeon still exists is because they enjoy a duopoly for a market. They haven’t been able to compete in 6 years

  9. My favorite anecdote about AMD is that everyone really wants them to make a really good GPU… so they can buy Nvidia cards at a lower price due to competition. Therein lies AMD’s problem.

  10. I like AMD and am rooting for them but i hate their VideoCard Drivers. Its why i sick with Nvidia. That and EVGA’s Warranty.

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