16 thoughts on “American Truck Simulator – Washington DLC (Releases June 11th)”

  1. A whole DLC pack for one state? Seems excessive unless that state is Alaska. Come to think of it, an “Ice Road Trucker” DLC would be pretty fun.

    How long until they have the whole country covered?

  2. Man, my brain read this as “Washington DC” and I was thinking “wait until these nerds hit 495!”

  3. The game is sadly light years away from it’s Euro counterpart in terms of content. Also ATS servers are empty sadly.

  4. Maybe when I get time to play the rest of it, I’ll get Washington…

    Anybody know how to speed up the game as a whole? I get on a good streak and I get bored and drift into mistakes etc.

  5. Haha how accurate are these? I saw very little of A) driving across the badlands of central WA on I90, or B) being stuck in traffic on the West Side

  6. Whoever does the music for that game needs to buy a new guitar, because while they’re quite talented, their electric guitar sounds like a $200 Mexican Fender.

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