44 thoughts on “Americans will measure with anything but the metric system.”

  1. Im not american, but I have measured the difference in height between people in noses.
    ”Im 2 noses taller than you”

    I hope no american is reading this.

  2. I live in Texas and even I hate how we don’t use the metric system. It just makes things more difficult than necessary and honestly “Kilometer” sounds cooler and is much more fun to say than “Mile”

  3. Pretty much everyone who actually has to measure things routinely can use either one without any problem. Most of the people that can’t metric also can’t imperial.

  4. I am incapable of imagining this Mexico-based measurement. Can you please give this measurement in football fields or empire state buildings?

  5. All measurement systems are arbitrary, including metric.

    Base ten feels good to you because we have 10 readily available things to learn to count with.

    If we had a different amount of fingers you’d feel differently.

  6. The only way the British can stand even partially adopting a French system of measurement is by poking fun at the U.S. for continuing to use the British system.

  7. Actually the current imperial system in the US is actually the metric system fundamentally. They have the metric as a base and then convert to the imperial. So americans have been using metric all along.

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