33 thoughts on “And a gamer is born.”

  1. Singleplayer gamer is born. If it was multiplayer, he would be called a noob first and once he gets gud he will tell other players he fucked their mum.

    Edit: If he is playing Soulskiroborne, a masochist is born.

  2. Out of all times in the day to post this, you choose to post it when you know everyone who was this kid is gonna be awake, you sadistic fuck.

  3. To be fair, he’s hitting that clock with a hammer for no good reason. He deserves the hate.


  4. I played sports in high school and I played ton of video games? Can we get away from the narrative that you have to be a social loser to play video games?

  5. I don’t know about you but in my youth games just wiped the floor with me. I didn’t start winning at’em until I started cheating.

    And no freakin’ game called me great.

  6. So he fails to be productive member with his peers, failing at his studies and upsetting his parents by damaging property – he finds empty validation from a video game.
    Somehow I don’t see this as good thing.

  7. This represents me so well. I use video games as an escape from my mostly shitty life. Had to listen to my mother rant about how useless I am and how all my friends and family members are terrible people. Locked my door and turned on Skyrim and all that pain faded away

  8. kinda ironic for me, i grew up playing the first 2 smash bros, where it would call you a failure in the most depressing tone possible every time you lost. that shit used to eat at me

  9. Stop this stupid self-pitying. Your situation probably arent that worse and you probably dont get hatred literally from everyone else. You are either over-aggrendize your role in life or your situation its either not necessary.


    And please stop over generalizing, not everybody is like that in here. For example i have started gaming with counter strike 1.5 and my big brother introduced me into it so im not exactly like that.

  10. Is this supposed to be inspirational or something? It’s basically saying gamers are losers who derive a false sense of self worth from video games.

  11. It forgot to show where the child’s rights are stripped away by them adding women and minorities to games.

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