Myself and 3 friends like to carve out a gaming night ever so often, and even then it’s getting a little boring playing the same few games over and over. Our shared games right now are only Left 4 Dead 2, Call of Duty: World at War, and PUBG.

We’re planning another gaming night soon and the usual question of “what are we playing?” has been raised. I think we’re all tired of playing the same games over and over, but we also can’t all afford to spend $30-60 on a game.

The Steam library is fairly large. Are there any good, cheap shooter games out there on it?

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10 thoughts on “Any good, cheap multiplayer shooter games on Steam?”

  1. Hunt:Showdown, although it’s 40$.

    Western, 1800’s style shooter. Watch some of the jackfrags videos for an idea.

  2. Apex legends


    Planetside 2


    Team fortress 2

    I’m sure theres others buts that’s all I can think of atm

  3. I was going to say fortnite, then I saw that you said good.

    Though not exactly a shooter Warframe is pretty good.

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