30 thoughts on “Anybody else ever own the 6 AAA battery burning beast known as the Sega Game Gear.”

  1. I could only afford a game boy at the time, but got to use friends’ Game Gears quite often. It was basically a portable version of the Sega Master System, which I owned at one point. Loved the version of Sonic on that, even over the Megadrive/Genesis version.

  2. I had the Atari Lynx – the competitor but we had California Games – surfing ate up those batteries in NO time.

  3. I had the external battery pack. I remember getting pretty good play time on it. It even had a belt clip, but man was it big and heavy.

  4. the reason this thing ate batteries like a monster was because the backlight was a freaking compact fluorescent tube.

    Theres a mod you can do now, that replaces the tube with an LED panel… and it triples the battery life.

  5. Most of us tended to keep it plugged in once we realized how terrible the battery life was. Big ‘ol AC Adapter and a spot on the floor by the wall socket. I think we ended up buying a big battery charger specifically for this (and then used for the Super Scope 6 later) so that we could always keep replacement batteries charging.

    Still got one, travel case and all. Capacitors seemed to have become damaged or something (turns on but screen is just a few horizontal glowing lines). You can buy repair kits for about $17 but you need a soldering iron too. Just seems like too much work when I could potentially sell it anywhere between $18-$100 (according to ebay).

  6. Mickey Mouse and the Castle of Illusion was an amazing game. Played it so much I could complete it without losing a life or even getting hit once. Good times.

  7. When I was a kid my mom went in to have a back surgery that she needed from a car accident she had when I was too young to remember. I was extremely sad because she was going to be in the hospital for like a week. When I went to visit her, i brought her my Game Gear that I had got for Christmas, thinking that it was too boring in the hospital. My mom has always considered gaming a thing for kids, but i think she took it to make me feel better. It had Shinobi, Columns, and another game i can’t really remember.

    I never got it back. My mom played it until it died and then got a Gameboy Advanced, DSi, and she still plus her 3DS every night in bed. I’m getting her a Switch soon, when they come out with a new model. She also plays PC games now.

    It all began with the Game Gear, which she still misses to this day. I am a middle aged dude now and my mom is 65. It’s kind of strange to think what a uniquely special place Sega products have had in our lives.

  8. One Christmas Eve we were at my cousin’s house and I wanted to get this out of the car and play because things were boring.

    My dad took me outside and let me cross the busy street to get it.

    I was running back across and dropped it. I tried to go back but my dad grabbed me and pulled me out of the way of oncoming cars. Like ten cars passed without hitting it.

    The last one caught it on the back tire and slammed on the brakes. It scraped across the ground. It world shattered.

    We picked it up and took it inside. I’m pretty sure I was crying. My dad messed with it for awhile and got it running. The screen had dragged across asphalt and and was in awful shape.

    My dad wrote a letter to Sega.

    They called us and told us they wanted to see this unit that survived getting run over by a car and in exchange for me sending it in they sent a brand new one with like 10 games and a Sonic The Hedgehog notepad and a subscription to the Sega magazine.

    So fucking cool.

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