Yes, I’m looking at you BioWare, Bethesda, treyarch.

We know about the disasters of anthem, and more importantly, Fallout 76. I never cared much for anthem anyway. I knew it was going to be trash and didn’t buy into it. But Fallout 76 really had me f***** up. they really got me good with that one. But the funny part is that gaming magazines say we are very unlikely to see another fall off for a very long time due to the poor reception of Fallout 76. Which is funny, because it’s not a problem that we caused. They did a poor job, delivered an absolute crap product, and you know who is punished for it? The players. They could just go with common sense, and market research, and deliver a product players actually want to play and would pay top dollar for. But nope. they deliver us the absolute crappiest product ever, and then act like it’s our fault and now we won’t get what we deserve for several years. Kind of funny isn’t it?

Black ops 4 is also a similar disaster. They delivered a product that we thought was going to be the absolute best. They reworked everything. the zombies, the entire gameplay, and it felt so good. They even gave us blackout, a battle royale. For the first time in years, there was a good Call of Duty. And then they took that and plummeted it straight into the ground and turned it into a disaster by locking things behind loot boxes, and even if you pay for the season pass and all DLC, you still don’t get the guns you paid for. nope. You have to unlock them in loot boxes. So you have to pay to be able to roll loot boxes to be able to unlock. But again there going to punish the players now for that. All we get is crappy modern warfare yet again.

can’t even get me started on Battlefield. The last few have been absolute garbage. Battlefield 1 I guess was a good game delivered, but due to lack luster season pass sales, they rolled out very few DLC and they weren’t even that amazing or different than each other.

It’s kind of sucky because the players always get punished when gaming companies fail to do their job

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30 thoughts on “Anyone else find it funny how the players get punished when the gaming companies fail to deliver reasonable products?”

  1. >But Fallout 76 really had me f***** up. they really got me good with that one.

    …Maybe if people stopped playing the salesman role to themselves using hype to convince themselves that something that by all appearances looks like a pile of shit will be magical “b-b-b-b-but no man’s sky will have INFINITE CONTENT” type shit. Maybe just maybe publishers and developers wouldn’t gamble with this shit so much.

    The market can “police” itself to a degree… when the consumers aren’t their own worst enemy. Unfortunately the consumers of videogames are so conditioned into this shit they make glue huffers look like fucking Einstein.

  2. I fail to see how any of this is “players getting punished” nobody is being punished. If you don’t like a product that’s too bad but you’re taking business personally.

  3. > gaming magazines say we are very unlikely to see another fall off for a very long time

    You probably don’t want to hear this, but other than *76* there are seven canonical *Fallout* games on PC-compatible if you count *Wasteland* (but not *Fountain of Dreams*), and an additional one on console.

    > but due to lack luster season pass sales, they rolled out very few DLC

    Everybody is chasing *GTA V*’s revenue numbers, and most of them are trying to get there through the same method. But following the leader rarely works with these things.

  4. Me and three friends bought Fallout 76 2 months ago and its the first game we all have got addicted to in awhile. Yea it has bugs but if you buy a Bethesda game expecting it to be perfect on launch, thats on you.

  5. What’s funny is that people are actually getting their hopes up for the next COD.

    Black ops 4 was easily the best COD game in years before they messed it up with loot boxes and other money grabs. You can bet they will try the same with the next game but with an additional reduction in development cost.

  6. The writing was on the wall with 76. You punish yourself buying into that trash. At least you know now and it wont happen again

  7. Yeah I used to get hyped for games until I realized most games are shit and lowered my expectations. With my lowered expectations Fallout 76 is alright. I wasn’t expecting much. ESO is a pale comparison to Skyrim. So I expected as much. We’re also still in that era, which seems to be dying be not dead, where consoles can effect quality for PC gamers. Also it’s Bethesda, all their games are buggy pieces of shit. Only when you hop on Nexus and download a few dozen mods does their games become playable. Fallout 76 is hurt in that instance by having server connection so you can rewrite the game to make it more bearable.

    Nobody is getting punished. All you’re doing is learning to not get hyped for games, in the teachings of our Lord TotalBiscuit. Never pre-order a game and always wait for reviews from people you can trust.

    I am pissed though they gave Andromeda to Biowares DLC team instead of the main team. Had to shit up a overall decent game and potentially good series by trying to make a shooty destiny clone. Fuck EA.

  8. Many of the products you mentioned have companies with shoddy past and practices. As a consumer, it’s up to you to do your due diligence in where you put your money. The minute you walk into loot boxes and DLC territory the chances of you getting treated right as a fan diminish greatly. This is not to say that all of these types of options are bad. It just that with those option introduce more variable for your gaming experience to be altered after the fact. This is why I prefer DRM-FREE binaries when getting my games so that I can secure my purchase and intended gaming experience.

  9. Mainstream gaming media/journalists suck the tit of these companies to put food on their tables. They defend the companies and blame the players because it keeps them employed.

  10. At some point the consumer begins to share some of the blame for enabling shitty practices.

    I think that these companies need to be regulated and held to some standards. I think selling a game that’s non-functional should be illegal. I think selling a game based on false promises without explicitly making it clear that those promises were false should be illegal. I think microtransactions should be illegal. I think DRM should be illegal.

    That said, if you support these companies with a long history of doing this shit, you don’t deserve any sympathy. If you got burned on Killing Floor 2, that’s understandable, Tripwire was a very reputable developer until KF2. If you got burned on an EA, Activision-Blizzard, Ubisoft, or Bethesda product, you deserve the product you got, those developers have been terrible for a long time and there’s a long history of the shit they’ve pulled, publicly available for you to view.

  11. I feel like there should be a class action for black ops 4. Especially PC owners and anyone who bought the black ops pass.

  12. You cant fight casuals. They are not hardcore, easily wooed over graphics and play up to 20 hours and jump to other game. First impressions are really important for them.

    Then you cant fight whales. They are competitive driven, encourage with competing with online people, they willing (or mentally OCD) will drop $$$ to be top of the game.

    We on the other hand, the middle class, who spent $60 and wanted to play to be the best, will find casuals are dumbing the game, while whalers are always top of the game using $$$. THIS IS NOT WHAT THE STUDIO IS AIMING TO PLEASE IN THIS CURRENT AGE.

  13. > Battlefield 1 I guess was a good game delivered, but due to lack luster season pass sales, they rolled out very few DLC and they weren’t even that amazing or different than each other.

    What lol, the DLC was great and a lot of the maps and weapons were really fun

  14. If you don’t want to “get punished”, perhaps you should do some research before making your purchase?

    The FO76 shitstorm happened pretty much right at launch, so people who are affected most likely:

    1. preorder
    2. purchase at launch
    3. did not do any research before making purchase

    Vote with your wallet, this is an old saying that worths repeating every time this kind of topic comes up. Personally, I am too tired to argue with game companies, game journalists, shills, blind fanbois and etc. I simply vote with my wallet. If a game company treats its customers like golden geese to be slaughtered, then I say goodby and never look back. Simple as that.

    TLDR: vote with your wallet, money talks

  15. If players weren’t dumbfucks that kept buying shit when the writing was on the wall maybe we wouldn’t find ourselves in this scenario. If I’m not mistaken Bethesda still made a profit on FO76.

  16. Well, Blizzard should be part of that list. They made Overwatch which started strong due to hype but quickly turned stale with poor balance and design, blamed it on player toxicity and started banning people from the game. Since then, they worked on balance and design and toxicity still remains at large. Game still leaking streamers and pro players left and right. Youtube/Twitch filled with them complaining about the game. Finally, Blizzard somehow enforces removal of negative posts on Overwatch and Blizzard subs that clearly do not break any rules but to do damage control. So yeah, Blizzard made a promising new IP and not only ruined it, but denied a big chunk of players from playing it. Which, depends on how you look at it, isn’t bad. Alternatives are plenty and Blizzard is a shell of it’s former self.

  17. I kind of get the frustration in that, but at the same time, its like any other product from any other type of manufacturer. If its bad, but not in a way that is actually dangerous/problematic, and as long as they don’t advertise falsely, then the people who buy it are going to be just as screwed, whether its a video game or a non videogame product. Theres no difference, nor any obligation for a company to make a good product past sales.

    Big triple A companies are always going to deliver games that are flawed in some way due to them being driven by shareholders and wanting to have as large an audience as possible. Its why aspects like lootboxes/unnecessary progression/simplified gameplay in some cases get through. It sucks, but that doesn’t change that we still don’t deserve anything from them.

  18. Punished? because a game isn’t coming anymore? Who cares man jeez.

    Noone’s life is meaningfully affected if bethesda dissapears from this planet tomorrow

  19. > It’s kind of sucky because the players always get punished when gaming companies fail to do their job

    Why do you think we try telling players “Don’t preorder”, or “Wait out the reviews”, and have done so for a decade or more?

    At some point, people need to account for their actions, and if they decide to ignore good, and well-meaning advice because they’re just so greedy for that new title they hyped themselves up to be the best thing ever, then I will not shed a single tear on their behalf when the game turns out be Anthem or Fallout’76.

    Both games were *clearly* visible as upcoming trainwrecks from their E3 presentation onward. From Howard’s frankly idiotic claim of “16 times the details!” to Anthem’s trailer being pure eye candy with no substance.

    Yeah, it sucks when companies release and sell bad products. But if people were the *least* bit wary, and waited until one or two weeks after release to ascertain the quality of a product, it would not be them being “punished”. No, I’m sorry, they decided to buy without a solid understanding of the product they were getting, this is on **them**. They could stop the suck right now, today, if they stopped buying stuff without looking.

  20. Gamers can blame only themselves. You described gamers who preorder games. You pay not only the maximum price for the product but you get a game with tons of bugs and usually incompleted. Fallout 76 is great example. Right now F76 is really great game. I’ve played it during free week and had a blast. Its just fallout 4 with coop.

  21. I agree with you about most of the post, but you are wrong about Battlefield. That was the fan base’s fault.

    The majority of the players were like, ‘we need a Battlefield in WW1.’ When the very few who knew that a battlefield set in the past wouldn’t work spoke out, like my brother (I wasn’t following BF news at the time), they were dismissed and shunned.

    Alas, a few month after BF1 came out and people realised that it never could have been good, because the military technology the period had couldn’t make for nearly as interesting of a game as BF4. And suddenly everyone started acting like they knew all along that this would happen, and that it is somehow Dice’s fault that it did happen.

  22. Makes me laugh when we piss and moan about lootboxes, yet Activision made $800 MILLION (last year was it?) from them alone.

    They’re not going anywhere.

    WE say they’re ruining gaming. THEY say it’s funding them in ways they could never have imagined. Why the hell would they remove them from any game when we clearly lap them up in every game?

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