43 thoughts on “Anyone else just absolutely hyped for the new Destroy All Humans! Remake?”

  1. Its gonna be cool and that trailer is dope af. Only thing is, why didnt they make part 3 instead? Maybe they are testing the waters.

  2. I see so many announcements for remakes of games that I have zero interest in, but how quickly things can change

  3. Besides Pokémon, DAH2 is the first game I ever played all the way through. Why the eff can’t we get this on the switch?!

  4. I liked the first, but I prefer the second. I’ll be grabbing this and hopefully it’s successful enough for the sequel to get the remake treatment.

  5. THis is the only game I’ve ever seen that knowingly spoiled one of its big twists for you hours ahead of time.

    “I wonder why Sillhouette is mad at me? PErhaps its cause I hit on her at the company Christmas party? Oh wait, damn, I’m not supposed to know she’s a woman yet.”

  6. That would be awesome, loved that game but a remake of war of the monsters would be even better, two of my childhood favorites.

  7. This and Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated got me to near tears

    I really hope THQNordic makes it big in the gaming industry

  8. I’m buying a ps4 just for this. I’ve been waiting for this for a looooooooong time and my pc won’t feel the same. It’s probably the best thing EA has done with any of the licenses they bought.

  9. That first mission from the original, the farmhouse, cars, police and the cows ohhhh the nostalgia

  10. Looking at the graphics here compared to what they used to be almost brings a tear to my eye. This game was a big part of my childhood

  11. Super pumped about the remake, its gonna be awesome!

    With that in mind, it’s made me curious about something. Would the studio who is doing the remake have rights to all of Pandemic games or could they have just sought out the rights for this one specifically?

    Essentially I’m wondering if we could see a remake of Merecenaries from these guys as well at some point. One of my absolute favorite games from back in the day.

    Sorry if none of that makes any sense though, to be honest I dont really know how the whole rights/studio stuff works

  12. I am!!!!!!! I’m also hoping 2 will get a remaster and PS4 will get a HD version of 3 since 3 was an Xbox exclusive of I remember correctly

  13. I’m going to play this constantly! The perfect time to release this tbh, with humanity’s stupidity at its peak haha.

  14. Everyone who played the original now has disposable income to buy it purely for nostalgia. I love THQs business model. Yes, I’ll buy it.

  15. If this is the best to come out of this E3 (which is always possible) I’ll be ok with it.

    That said, I’m also open for a new/remade Timesplitters, or Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. THQ Nordic has been good to us in recent years, it’s possible.

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