38 thoughts on “Anyone else miss these four during E3?”

  1. Met Adam once at E3. My buddy and i were browsing a classic museum of old consoles and games. He was just wandering around by himself doing the same. When he saw we recognized him he immediately lit up and said ,”Hey!” Like we were old friends. Shook his hand said thanks for all he does for gaming and for sharing it with the world. Didnt wanna bother him too much so i kept it brief. He was very polite and down to earth. Plus i think he was just as excited as we were to be there.

  2. When I first learned what G4 was I lost my mind as a kid, it was really sad to see it turn into what it did. But it spawn some great stuff, like Inside Gaming etc

  3. I’ve been watching old Xplay episodes on YouTube, it’s an amazing walk down memory lane.

    The reviews tend to not hold up compared to today’s hour long breakdowns one YouTube. But God damn you can’t replace Adam and Morgan in my heart. I feel like everything about G4TV couldn’t be replicated today.

  4. I love Adam Sessler (and the whole G4 crew). I watched him even more when he was at Rev3. It’s a shame that ended how it did. He, Max Scoville, and Scott Bromley (and the rest of that crew) were doing a lot of cool stuff.

    Adam always seems so angry on Twitter. I want to give him a hug.

  5. Those were the days. I miss AOTS. /sigh

    ETA: High school me had a *huge* crush on Morgan Webb. Looking at her in this photo still makes me tingly.

  6. I was absolutely in love with Morgan Webb for a time being and I thought Extended Play was the best show on television. I would literally record episodes and just play them while I did other things. I seriously miss TechTv and absolutely hate what became of it. Kind of surprising another all-technology based channel hasn’t replaced it yet.

  7. I met them all, they’re amazing, got pics with them about a decade ago at E3

    Sessler puts in a ton of time into the show. He, Munn, and Pereira are genuinely nice people – I actually met Pereira again at CES and we talked about AOTS, close to the show being canned and he was pretty bummed out.

    While Sessler and Munn are genuinely extroverted, Pereira and Webb definitely have personalities that they turn on/off. Webb, at the time when I met her, seemed pretty reclusive/introverted when the cameras weren’t rolling, actively avoided fan/media interaction. Pereira was quite focused/in the zone.

    All in all.. I miss AOTS, but love that YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms have popped up to give gaming content creators a voice/platform.

  8. Loved Adam and Morgan.

    Talking about game journalists. Anyone know what happened to Matt Cassmansina (SP) he was originally with I think it was N64 before IGN. His writing was excellent.

  9. I actually met all four of them multiple times when I was cast on 2 episodes of “Unscrewed with Martin Sergeant and Laura Swisher” I was like 13 years old I’m 27 no so ages ago. Got to play the first Call of duty while they were filming game play footage before it released. To top the whole thing off, I got to shoot Morgan Webb in the throat with a nerf gun for a sketch, and Adam Sessler when I told him I was a fan, gave me a copy of “Cat Woman” for the game boy advanced (he apologised for not having something better to give me to remember the encounter), as well as a T shirt that I still own and wear around the house to this day. One of the best 2 experiences of my young life.

  10. yes i LOVE this crew. adam sessler and morgan webb just sounded like they were always so psyched to play whatever it was they were playing.

    first EGM went under, then X-Play, then i stopped really following videogame news.

  11. While I miss X-play, I really miss the show that played trailers and gameplay videos of games. No hosts. No commentators. Just videos of games. I forget what it was called but I would watch it every time it was on.

  12. When I was younger I exclusively watched G4, attack of the show call for help . All the good ones…when that channel and those shows vanished a piece of my being went with them. They are the reason I got into television…one day I’ll make tv like those shows I loved so dearly…i truely miss these days

  13. I remember first discovering G4 when I was probably 8 years old randomly browsing Comcast OnDemand. I was blown away by an entire channel dedicated to video games. I watched X-Play religiously for quite a while, eventually adding Attack of the Show and Web Soup with Chris Hardwick. Eventually I started to realize that new episodes of X-Play were becoming fewer and fewer, same with AOTS. And then there came a point where every time I flipped on G4, it was nothing but reruns of Cheaters and Cops. I don’t play video games nearly as much as I used to, but G4TV and all those shows will always hold a place in my childhood.

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