I got the 4k bug back in 2015 when I bought 2 980 ti’s and played rise of the tomb at 4k/60 (parts of the game, anyway). I eventually moved away from sli because it was kinda buggy and a pain in the ass and picked up a 1080 ti. A great card but getting a constant 60 at that resolution was difficult.

Now I have a 2080 ti, 4 years later and I still can’t brute-force my way to a stable 4k/60, settings maxed out on a decent amount of AAA titles. Drops to 45-50 are not uncommon.

Anyone else tired of this uphill battle?

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31 thoughts on “Anyone else sick of chasing 4k/60 fps?”

  1. Never bothered. I always aim for 1080p/60fps, don’t mind 30 depending on the game. Anything more than that is profit.

  2. Honestly probably won’t touch 4k until I can regularly get over 100fps. I’m on 3440 x 1440 100hz and 60fps is kind of jarring now.

  3. I will just go after big refrest rate and framerate. Don’t really care how big resolution it is. 1080p 144Hz+ is enough for me. Maybe I will go for 1440p144

  4. 1440p is actually pretty good. Also watch some options in games. The performance trade for visual fidelity is sometimes not worth it and barely noticeable if you bump the setting down a notch. Ultra settings are sometimes overkill.

  5. I remember commenting on this sub a couple months back stating how we can’t reliably get 4k 60fps in games. Had so many people questioning me and downvoting me, probably because they spent $2k on their PC and are in denial that 4k is still not something we can reliably get in all games at 60 fps.

    I still play at 1080p on my 1060, I probably won’t go to 4k for another 3 or 4 years or at least when we can consistently hit 60fps or more at 4k without any hitches.

  6. 4k with freesync. as long as i’m in my freesync range i’m happy i dont get too hung about it hitting 60 all the time. not that i have the power to really push that anyway but with freesync its fine.

  7. i kinda treat 4k 60fps as somthing i go back to.

    right now im playing the witcher 3 in 4k 60fps and it feels great.

  8. Nope, because I never bothered. Really just doesn’t seem worth it to me. I have a 144hz/1080p monitor I upgraded to last year because I’d rather have the smoothness.

  9. You don’t have to max out every title. I love 4k on my 43″ cheapo Sammy and a single 2080 Ti does the trick most of the time, I’m mostly a single player game so to me the presentation is important. I have 3 144hz 1080p monitors but they just feel so small now for gaming, like the triple monitor setup for work though. I have dual 2080 Tis but mostly run in single card mode. The dual cards still come in handy with the 4 monitors and 2 VR headsets I use.

  10. 1080p/60fps is way more achievable. Playing a game at an outrageously high resolution and at max detail means tons of $$$ dropped on a gaming PC. I’m cool with dropping $1500 on a gaming PC but not 3, 4, 5k+ just to play at 4k resolution…

  11. For competitive games I play lowest settings possible to get 144 fps on a 1080p monitor, for everything else I play on a tv at 1080p 60 fps even though it supports 4k 60 fps because I sit pretty far away.

  12. 4K personally is diminishing returns aside from downsampling (Which reduces aliasing better than post-process solutions). I only really target that when a game is capped at 60FPS.

    Otherwise, 1080p with a uncapped framerate on my high refresh rate monitor.

  13. I also upgraded to 4K in late 2015, from the 1440p panels I had since 2012. There’s definitely no going back, the improvement is simply too great.

    4K60 is a moving goal post. I can run games that released at the time I bought these panels at 4K60 with little issue, but newer games upped the ante. And games that will come down the pipeline after my next major upgrade will up the ante again. Don’t try to chase moving goal posts.

  14. Never understood the hype for 4k. I‘ve had a 1440p screen for like 7 years and medium range hardware was just never enough. Only after buying a 1080Ti were things starting to look better. Yet there are still games that will lag, especially strategy games (Anno, Frostpunk, Warhammer).

    I wouldn‘t event want a 4k screen for free lol.

  15. I’ve never cared about 4K at all. I’ve been playing at 1440p ever since I left Mac and I’m pretty damn happy. I’m currently at 1440/75 fps. I’d like to go higher in the FPS dept if I can find a gaming monitor that I like.

  16. I dont concern myself with resolution increases too much until games start actually making 4k textures. Its like sure you can run old games like Baldurs Gate at 4k but the game itself isnt made at 4k so I dont even notice a difference.

  17. heres a tip. dont max out your games. so many setting you will not realize is “worse” when youre enjoying your game

  18. You know if you just turn AA low you could probably hit 60 fps in everything, and much of it would look better since it wouldn’t be getting blurred, which is all AA does really.

  19. been gaming at 1440p 144hz gsync for a while now , happy with frame rates bw 70 to 100 for any game i play. And ive been tinkering alot with settings , maxing out everygame isnt just viable anymore these days.


    just a few tweaks give a major boost for a majority of the titles , and fluid gameplay always trumps a few visual effects for me

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