25 thoughts on “Anyone else?”

  1. When I use to almost always exclusively play online cloud based games I had to ‘relearn’ to save my games regularly again.

  2. I am playing Yakuza Zero currently. I save three times just to make sure I save cause I will forget and make a different save file when I complete a character

  3. I still remember doing it on the n64 like 3 times just to be sure, you know incase the first one didn’t work and the second one overwrite the first that didn’t work xD

  4. What about having over 10 save slots but only saving on 1 slot… And when you about to die, you overwrite your 1 save slot by accident

  5. NieR Automata.

    I will go save… okay done. Wait did I save or just check the inbox better go back and save. Saves twice. Realize I can reach the place faster with transportation so I go back and save and transport… save again. A bit much?

  6. Don’t forget about using 3 save files and overwriting only the oldest so you have 2 close backups in case game bugs and you can’t progress on current save. This actually is needed even today sometimes.

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