I got the complete edition by pre-ordering RDR 2 and it’s an excellent bonus.

The game aged quite gracefully too and bullet time is hilariously brutal.

I haven’t played much of it, just thought I’d share my first impressions.

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15 thoughts on “Anyone playing Max Payne 3?”

  1. Huge fan of Remedy’s Max Payne 1 & 2 but Max Payne 3 really didn’t hit me the same way with it’s story, it was missing Sam Lake and the New York noir the first two games were built upon. I really disliked the story in Max Payne 3 on my first playthrough but it grew on me a bit on the second playthrough, gameplay is so good but I really wish that the storytelling was more like the first two games.

    Still wish that Remedy got to make another Max Payne.

  2. The gunplay is janky and not the best but i enjoyed it, they nailed aging Max’s personality and the setting in general. In fact i enjoyed it even more than the remedy games which were too prose heavy, almost overdone at times. In MP3 Max’s dialog was more sharper and faster, like a guy that is too old for this shit but still well written. There are many small details that show depth, like the moment where Max’s sidekick offers him a drink when he is about to leave and the internal monologue after that.

  3. I liked it as a narrative game. The gameplay was…well…it’s Max Payne…you know what to expect…pain killers and bullet time.

    What I liked the most about it though was how long the game was. Just when you think it’s over? Nope. Enjoy another 3 hours of well written story!

  4. Currently playing it as well, on a 1440p/144hz monitor…

    It looks and runs great (as it should) bullet time at 144hz is quite epic!

  5. I would, if it wasn’t for the cutscene stuff completely ruining the flow and wanting to play it. It desperately needs a full level of no cutscene you can just go ham in.

  6. I found it handled like absolute trash in pc. Constantly battling cover, and Max feels like molasses.

    I thought it was ok in most regards, but I don’t get the praise this game gets, especially considering the originals.

  7. When this was released on PC it was jaw-dropping to me how smooth it ran. After GTA 4 Rockstar seemingly put optimization as first priority and with the RDR2 recommended specs they seem to have perfected it.

  8. I played it one month ago and it was one of the best experiences of the entire 7th generation, its stupidly well done and gritty, made me install gta iv which im playing now

  9. I just finished after purchasing it so many years ago. The game looks fantastic for being released in 2012 and in a 144hz display at 1440p looks really awesome. The animations and acting are awesome. If you liked this game you’ll like Splinter Cell Blacklist. I plan to play it again.

  10. One of my favorites. I’ve played through it at least times. I wonder if the load times would be better with an SSD? Anyway, the last mission, at the airport, is epic! With the music playing, it’s like playing one of those episodes of Miami Vice.

  11. Great game but it doesn’t replay well since you can’t fully skip the cut scenes. The gameplay is so much fun but it’s idiotic that you need to sit through the story again and again just to play New York Minute mode.

  12. Without a doubt the best gunplay ever in a third person game.. the story is great and the graphics still holdup better than any game from 2012.. it’s just so smooth on PC with m&kb and unlocked frame rate.. i played it first on xb360 but it’s something else on PC

  13. Usage of euphoria is so well implemented. I keep coming back to just watch the magic. The cut scenes are a bit annoying when not on an ssd. Still good game

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